Beliefs and Philosophy

Birth is inherently a normal, natural and healthy life event, not a disease process.

Labor, childbirth and breastfeeding are the usual and expected extension of pregnancy for both the mother and baby.

Women and babies are designed for the work of labor, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Women and babies are strong.

Labor and childbirth can be transforming and joyful.

Labor and childbirth is a sacred and intimate dance to be honored.

A mother and baby are a unique pair and deserve individualized, supportive, respectful care free from routine interventions and coercion.

Every woman should have the option to choose the birth location and care provider that best suit her philosophy, desires and birth needs.

Women are well capable of making informed decisions surrounding all care for her and her baby prenatally through postpartum.

Birthing women can be confident and equipped for their own journey from pregnancy into motherhood.

Pizzas are delivered. Women give birth.