Midwifery Services

Midwifery Services

Desirre Andrews, CPM, RM, LCCE – I’m a Registered (RM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) providing comprehensive homebirth midwifery services to growing families in the Colorado Springs region.

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I believe in you and your baby, holistic individualized care, facilitating informed decision making, shared responsibility between client and midwife, upholding an excellent standard of care, and in the midwifery model.

What does midwifery care look like?

Prenatal Visits: Each in-office visit is approximately 1 hour. Thorough assessments of mother and baby are completed and questions are addressed. Additionally, a home visit occurs at 36-37 weeks pregnancy in preparation for delivery.

Labor, Childbirth and Immediate Postpartum:

My birth team arrives during active labor and remains throughout the immediate postpartum period.  We are there to provide safety, to offer support, guidance and encouragement. In the immediate postpartum, we continue clinical care of mother and baby, assist with breastfeeding, and clean-up before leaving.

Postpartum Visits: There are between 4-6 visits in the 6 weeks following delivery. A variety of complete clinical assessments for mom and baby are performed. The first 2 appointments occur in the client’s home with the remaining visits at my office.


Common Q and A:

  • Do you support water birth? Absolutely. I offer a La Bassine birth pool or similar to every client.
  • Do you take VBAC mothers? Yes. For those with one prior cesarean with a minimum of 18 months from cesarean to new next due date or if multiple cesareans there needs to be an intervening vaginal delivery. There are other parameters as well.
  • Can you take twin pregnancies? No. When multiples are discovered, the client is transferred out to an OB for hospital delivery.
  • Do I have access to ultrasound? Yes. There are local imaging locations I refer clients to for diagnostic scans.
  • Is lab work drawn in the office? Yes, it is offered in office.
  • Are my other children allowed to attend appointments? Yes. The office is family friendly.
  • Can my husband or partner catch the baby? Yes.
  • What if baby needs some help after birth? My team and I are all neonatal resuscitation certified and carry the appropriate equipment.
  • Do you perform routine vaginal exams? No.
  • Do you take Medicaid or Tricare? No. I am unable to at this time.
  • Do you do the newborn screen? Yes.

Fee: $3200 self-pay fee. ($4000 is full global fee). Flexible payment plans are available for self-pay clients. Private insurance, Medical Sharing Plans (Medishare, Samaritan Ministry) can be billed after the birth through my contracted billing company after a verification of benefits is run during the pregnancy. HSA/FSA accounts and major credit cards are accepted. Discounts available for active ministry/military.

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