Desirre Andrews: Midwife, Owner/Operator

Desirre Andrews

Intern Midwife, Dual-Certified Childbirth Educator,  Lactation Educator, Speaker and Advocate

Owner of Preparing For Birth, LLC and

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Philosophy surrounding pregnancy and birth:  I come from the physiologic and evidence-based view of pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  Labor, birth and breastfeeding are the expected extension of pregnancy for both mother and baby.  I believe that there is a place, when medically necessitated, for use of induction, medication, intervention and/or cesarean.
  • Birth is inherently a normal, natural and healthy life event, not a disease process.
  • Labor, childbirth and breastfeeding are the usual and expected extension of pregnancy for both the mother and baby.
  • Women and babies are designed for the work of labor, childbirth and breastfeeding.
  • Women and babies are strong.
  • Labor and childbirth can be transforming and joyful.
  • Labor and childbirth is a sacred and intimate dance to be honored.
  • A mother and baby are a unique pair and deserve individualized, supportive, respectful care free from routine interventions and coercion.
  • Every woman should have the option to choose the birth location and care provider that best suit her philosophy, desires and birth needs.
  • Women are well capable of making informed decisions surrounding all care for her and her baby prenatally through postpartum.
  • Birthing women can be confident and equipped for their own journey from pregnancy into motherhood.

Why I do birth work:  I have a deep love and passion for women, babies and families to have the healthiest and most amazing birth possible for each individual situation. Because birth can be positively or negatively transforming for a mother (partner), I aim for the opportunity to limit any negative consequences with excellent support, evidence-based information, self-advocacy skills, and more. A healthy family dynamic before, during and after birth is something I also strive to help with and positively influence. I do this work in small and large ways to holistically help improve maternal and fetal health outcomes.

Educational and Professional Background: I am dual-certified with CAPPA and Lamaze as a childbirth educator, a CAPPA certified labor doula, a lactation educator, a CAPPA faculty member, healthy birth advocate, placenta encapsulator  and a Intern Midwife.  I take continuing education very seriously and work to stay up on the latest evidence surrounding the perinatal time. I have co-authored articles, been interviewed for print, radio, and online publications, actively blog, mentor other birth professionals and public speak.  I have taught well over 1500 hours with more than 1200 students in classes, attended 179 births, including home, birth center and hospital (natural, water birth, epidural, VBAC, HBAC, cesarean, HypBirth, Hypnobabies, Hypnobirth, to name some scenarios).