Tiffany Miller: Childbirth Educator, Student Midwife

Tiffany Miller, holding a newborn baby after a birth.

I am a wife, mother to four, and a bit of a nerd.

I do this work because I am compelled. I can’t not do it.

I do this work because I believe women deserve options outside of the mainstream system, and I want to be one of those options. Whether it is through my childbirth classes, childbirth educator trainings, or my future practice as a homebirth midwife.

I do this work to help women grow healthy babies, have healthy births, and experience a healthy and joyful beginning to their parenthood journey–all in their own power and strength. I want to be a helper and servant to each one’s process.

I do this work to speak Truth over the myths and fears and untruths that are so prevalent in our culture. I am determined to see those myths die before I do.

I do this work because I believe in Freedom, and the responsibility that it brings. When we place birth back in the hands of those who are doing the work, it is remarkable the changes that come about, all for the better.


I am a CAPPA Certified Childbirth Educator, teaching classes here at PFB. I also offer CAPPA-Approved Childbirth Educator trainings for those who would like to enter the birth world as a professional themselves. I maintained a CAPPA Labor Doula certification for eight years, and am now offering limited openings for Labor Doula services to fund my continuing midwifery education.