Say it ain’t so – Another celebrity scheduling a cesarean

Wow. Yet another celebrity is signing up for the O.R. (Christina Aguilera)? Say it ain’t so. Surgery over a few hours of work to benefit both mom and her baby?! Vaginal birth IS the norm. Surgery is well SURGERY which can lead to incredible risks and consequences immediately and very long term. Yes there is frustration in my voice.

COME on already, MAJOR surgery is so much riskier than normal, routine, AWESOME childbirth. AAHH but perhaps therein lies the problem, normal, routine childbirth is very tough to attain these days with all the inductions with an against label use drug (cytotec), most labors being augmented with pitocin because a woman isn’t fitting a time clock of daylight or one shift obstetrics, the planned paralysis of rampant epidural use, continuous fetal monitoring since the inductions, augmentation and epidurals makes women and babies high risk(and in essence straps said women to the bed), and then pushing a baby out while others yell at her and the woman is told to hold her breath while in a tremendously poor position choice (except the care provider can SEE), this leads to episiotomies or much more severe tearing than side-lying, squatting or hands and knees would provide or worse instrumental delivery – then to add insult to literal injury baby isn’t allowed to be on mom for some beautiful bonding moments before being weighed and more.

OK perhaps that is one reason for all the refusal to use one’s vagina for an intended purpose. The list could go on as for why maternity care and childbirth is so completely backwards in this country.

We are missing out dear women, sisters and friends. We need to reclaim what is our design, our privilege, our heritage, our right and our purpose.