You can find the money to have the childbirth you desire!

I far too often hear women saying “My insurance doesn’t cover the location, provider, type of birth I REALLY want. Well it will be okay anyway, won’t it?.” Or “We just bought XXXXX and cannot afford to pay for care out of pocket.”

I wonder what are you willing to do to have the childbirth you deeply desire? It seems in other aspects of life when there is something we really want, somehow we find the time, money, etc. to attain it. Childbirth IS that important. Investing in what will help you achieve a normal birth can be preventative of unwanted interventions and cesarean.

Below is a list of ways to find the money for the birth center, family practitioner, home birth midwife, out of network provider, doula, independent childbirth class, waterbirth or whatever your heart is set upon to help in preparation and delivery of your baby.

A list of practical ways to find the money you need:

1) In lieu of traditional baby shower gifts (honestly much of the stuff is unnecessary to having a baby except for a good baby wearing item) – ask for a group gift of the provider or location payment (or at least monies to get you well on your way).

2) Trim down your budget – do you need the highest satellite or cable package, forgo eating out or picking up expensive drinks, forgo weekly entertainment expenses, have a yard sale or post on community boards all the items you do not use (your home will be much less cluttered for it), what about your cellular service – trim back if possible, sell your car and buy something less expensive, forgo expensive hair cuts or other beauty maintenance

3) Ask for family and friends to donate to your XXXXX fund.

4) Petition your insurance company to add XXXX provider or location to their provider list.

5) Figure out all your co-pays and see if you are really spending more or close to the same anyway for what you don’t really want and can actually afford the care you really desire.

6) Set-up payment schedules with provider or location – often care can be paid for over the time of your pregnancy in increments.

7) Do you have a barter to offer? Try it!

8) Move to a lower cost home to save in rent or mortgage. Hey even moving in with family temporarily can work. Extended support is often a blessing.

9) Open a 125k flexible medical spending account (thanks to my DH for reminding me about this). This money comes out of your paycheck pre-tax and you can get reimbursed for out-of-pocket medical expenses in one calendar year, it lowers your taxable income and helps you attain what you want.

Sometimes sacrifice is needed. Sometimes just a bit of trimming. Being under the thumb of insurance or lack thereof doesn’t have to define your options. Get creative. There is almost ALWAYS a way. It is worth it to you and your baby.

Merry Christmas! Desirre


  1. Lynnette on December 20, 2007 at 9:04 am

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  2. Tami of BrooksGroth on December 20, 2007 at 12:46 pm

    Thank you for reminding us that it is SO NOT about the money! And if you want to get the money question out of the way, it is possible. And I’ll remind people that insurance pays more often than you think — I had two different insurance companies/plans pay for home birth midwives without question.