My First Birth

I have officially attended my first birth as a labor doula. Momma went into labor Tuesday evening, but it didn’t pick up until around midnight. I was called at about 1:30am on Wednesday, and headed over to her house to help her out. This is a first time Momma who had desired a status quo epidural birth until about a month before her due date, when she asked me to attend her birth as a doula, along with another friend of ours.

About 24 hours after labor started, she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and her first words were “I did it!” She was amazing! Her husband spent the whole pushing stage in her face, grunting with her, cheering her on, and encouraging her to look in the mirror to watch the baby progress. My friend and I kept massaging, cheering her, and telling her how great she was doing.

Her sense of accomplishment was great – as well it should be. She has entered a new phase in her life. One of sacrifice and great love. She has left girlhood behind forever. She is a Mother.

And I am so happy and honored that I got to be a part of it all! She hardly knew me when she asked me to be a part of this journey of hers, so I feel deeply the privilege bestowed. I did nothing to earn this privilege. It was a gift. Truly, it was a gift to be a part of something so intimate in a woman’s life.

The Lord confirmed again to me that I’ve made the right choice. I’m meant to do this. It is a calling. It is so right.

As exhausting as it was, I can say it was “easy”. Because it was right. It just worked out. Beautifully. And with the full support of my husband…it was a trial for both of us, but he’s proud of me, and still willing to support me 100% in this adventure.

I couldn’t ask for more. I think if I were any more happy, I might explode.