Singing Through the Pain

I saw this blog at The Birth Ecology Project, and had to share it here. It’s too beautiful…

And it just dawned on me. I used this technique when I was in labor with my firstborn. After I’d been in labor over 24 hours, the midwife and my mom convinced me to take a walk around the block (I was at a birth center). While we were walking, I started singing “Trading My Sorrows” (my favorite worship song), and sang right through my contractions. It works. Amazingly well, as I recall. Funny. I’d forgotten about it until now.

Anyway…here’s what I quoted:

“Singing or toning during labor contractions is a wonderful coping technique for labor pain. Vocalization through singing or toning creates a vibration throughout the body that can assist the muscles and ligaments to relax. Singing and toning also facilitates full deep breathing which brings fresh oxygen to the mother and baby. Vocalizing can also relax the jaw which correspondingly relaxes the pelvis. Singing or toning also has emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits promoting mind-body integration, centering, and focus.

Following is a video of one very talented birthing mama, who sings with her family to gracefully flow through her contractions.”

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  1. Marta Ager on March 18, 2008 at 4:22 pm

    That video is something special!