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And…some vital information you should know if you are ever told that you need to have a cesarean for meconium staining in the amniotic fluid.

“Researchers reviewed records of 199 cesareans that were done for non-reassuring fetal condition and/or meconium stained amniotic fluid in a rural hospital to evaluate the effect on neonatal outcome. Apgars at one and five minutes were compared with those of 33 vaginal births after labour with meconium staining. Five babies out of the 232 (2.2%) had an Apgar score at five minutes. Of those, one died shortly after birth. Of those born bycaesarean section group for non-reassuring condition, two were stillbirthsand one was an early neonatal death, giving a perinatal mortality rate of15.1/1,000 births. Mode of delivery did not affect the five minute Apgarscore in a statistically significant manner. The researchers concluded that”caesarean delivery does not improve the neonatal outcome when the amnioticfluid is meconium stained.”

– Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 28(1): 56-59