Possible biological explanation for C-section-linked allergies and asthma found.

“Scientists believe they may have identified a biological explanation for the link between cesarean-section delivery and risk of allergy and asthma in childhood. They will present their findings at the American Thoracic Society’s 2008 International Conference in Toronto on Tuesday, May 20.

‘This finding is exciting because it suggests that the mode of delivery may be an important factor influencing immune system development in the neonate,’ said Dr. Ly, who postulated that the stress and process of labor itself or exposure to specific microbes through the birth canal in vaginal as compared to c-section delivery may influence neonatal immune responses.” (emphasis mine)
~Full Article at Physorg.com

Gee whillikers…are they really telling us what we’ve suspected to be the truth all along? That c-sections have many many risks, and that they should be reserved for those times they are medically indicated? That vaginal birth is the safest way to birth – for mom & baby both – the vast majority of the time?

Think of it this way: Vaginal birth is not a lofty goal to be achieved. Rather, pretty much every other birth method is inferior to vaginal birth in its ability to prepare the newborn for life outside the womb. Vaginal birth is safe. It is normal. Billions of women have done it for thousands of years. It is not impossible, or abnormally difficult.

Please remember that I attach no morality to whatever method a woman chooses to birth. And I firmly believe that women should be able to choose how and where to birth. However, too many women make choices without being truly fully informed. And it can lead to so many serious complications – mentally, physically, and emotionally.

I also believe that women have been misled for too long, and it’s about time that they take responsibility for their decisions, become proactive, and learn all they can about birth & their choices regarding it.