For the longest time, I haven’t really known what – if anything – I should think about vaccines. My firstborn has been on schedule, and is now “due” for his next round. However, I’ve been hearing some really disturbing things about vaccines. None of which I knew how to confirm, or even if I could.

The information on vaccines is overwhelming. The sheer volume is astounding. To be honest, I’ve never bothered even starting to sort this stuff out. I have had more important things to think about. Up until now, I did know that I at least wanted to delay immunizations, and select only certain ones. I had no idea how to go about doing that, though.

Yesterday, I noticed a link on the sidebar of a friend’s blog to a site called Her specific link led to this page. Disturbing, and horrifying. I had no idea that tissue from two aborted babies (aborted decades ago), are being used to grow the viruses neccessary to some of the most common vaccines.

Absolutely stunned, I wanted to see if this site was created by some extreme, off-the-wall, paranoid, conspiracy theory believing ignoramus.

It’s not.

It’s real.

And there is so much read and see and be flabbergasted by. This is the resource I’ve been looking for, I think.

Besides all of that, I wanted to share something with you. Ever since Bubbers was born, almost a year ago, I planned on waiting until he was at least 6 months to start vaccines. Once that milestone was reached, every time I thought to myself “I’m going to take him in on Monday and get this started”, he would get sick. Every. Time. I really began to wonder if the Lord was telling me something.

On top of that, every time I’ve made plans to take the girls and Turbo in for their next round (the girls are waaaay behind), they have also gotten sick. It made me wonder if Turbo’s eczema and mild allergies have been caused by the vaccines, and if he still would have had them had I delayed them or eliminated them completely. His eczema didn’t show up until after his first round. The girls have never had any problems – Cuteness is only current up to her 18 months shots, and Sunshine has only had one round, given at 6 months. It also made me wonder if little Bubbers would have been that one child who ends up a statistic as a result of an unforseeable reaction to a vaccine, had I taken him in diligently.

I will never know. Because I have made up my mind – no more vaccines for my kids. Pending deep research. Until I can be sure that it would be right and good to take my kids in for their shots, they will not receive any more.

Not only because of the fetal tissue abortion connection either. I just believe that God is telling me, personally, to hold off for now. Honestly, even if His only reason is just so I have a command to obey, that is certainly reason enough for me.

The kids getting sick at vaccine time only started when the idea of departing from the medical community’s immunization schedule presented itself to me via some friends, a few blogs, my midwife, and some other “random” places, forming a persistent presence in my mind. I just kept putting it on the back burner.

No more. Time to research. Time to educate myself to the best of my ability on an issue I now believe to be very important, and very confusing. (Lord, grant me wisdom and clarity!)

Now, I did not post this as a forum for discussion. I’m not changing my mind, and I’m not asking anyone’s opinion here…I’m just sharing my heart. My conflicted, but certain heart. I know what action I’m supposed to take right now, and I firmly believe that God is leading me in that direction.

I do NOT, however, believe that He will lead each of you in the same direction He is leading me. I make no claim on the morality of this issue – other than the abortion thing. I am not attempting to change your minds either. I would, however, like you to think about it.

Frankly, I am afraid of what some of you may say in comment to this post. I don’t want to be lectured, yelled at, or told I’m off my nut. So please, if you disagree, then point me to some legitimate resources I can take a look at in my research, and refrain from judging me, or railing at me about this. And I will certainly do the same for you.


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  1. K on July 1, 2008 at 4:02 am

    Thanks for the information on vaccines. That link was very eye-opening.

    We recently wrote an article on vaccines at Brain Blogger. A recent vaccine was created to help prevent the HPV virus in girls. But with how little it really does and with the toxic substances that have been proven to be in vaccinations, is it worth it?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.