School Today? Probably Not.

I was hoping to start kindergarten for Turbo today, but I don’t think we’re quite ready. For one thing, I still need to put the routine ideas rattling around in my head onto paper. Just to see if I’m being realistic. For another thing, I need to prepare a little better for the reading and writing portion of his curriculum.

At least Levi & I were able to arrange the office to accomodate Turbo’s cute little red desk, thus creating a little homeschool nook! I can’t wait to go to the store today and buy a map or something else equally schoolish to hang above it!

Basically, this week is going to be the bootcamp of preparation, organization, and lots of prayer!

I’m just so glad that I live in a state where I don’t have to actually report anything to do with school until my son is seven years old. So, I have two years of trial and error to go before I have to tell the state that my son is a genius. (He might be. You never know. *wink wink*)

Well. Now that I’ve rambled in a rather aimless fashion, I will now let you go about your day. With promises of pictures up on the ol’ blog by the end of the week. Hopefully, these will include Bubbers’ 1-year portraits, which is also on my list this week!

I have quite a week ahead of me, don’t I? What’s yours look like?

One Response to “School Today? Probably Not.”

  1. Sara says:

    OHHHH! You should make a fake bulletin board. There is a great school supply store in town. That way you can hang up more than one thing at a time! And it would be very schoolish!