The Sliver of Death ~OR~ The Obedience of a Little Boy

I took Turbo to the doctor’s office, yet again, today. This would be the third time within a 10-day period. Once for the yucky rash, once to test for strep (which started out negative, but turned up positive yesterday) , and once to remove the Sliver of Death from the bottom of his foot.

This Sliver of Death turned up the day before yesterday. Embedded deep within the ball of his right foot. Despite my heartless attempt at removing it with a needle, while he sat bravely in the arms of his daddy, the Sliver remained firmly lodged. So, we decided to slather it in Neosporin and cover it up, hoping his body would push it out on its own.

No such luck.

With a boy who loves being outside as much as Turbo does, that Sliver of Death was bound and determined to cause more pain and trouble than something so small should be allowed to do.

The wound, despite my efforts, swelled and filled with pus. And I mean filled. Turbo would only walk on the heel of his right foot. And he complained about it. This kid is pretty easy-going when it comes to bumps, bruises, and scratches. Once he gets a hug and a kiss anyway.

So, I threw in the towel, and drove him to the doctor’s office (after getting a one-time referral for the civilian urgent care, since Tricare never has same-day appointments available for my kids), where we waited for a full hour-and-a-half to see Dr. Man.

Before we went in, I had tried to explain to Turbo that Dr. Man was going to have to just go for it, and that it would hurt, but not for very long, because Dr. Man could do it so much faster than mommy. Needless to say, Turbo was nervous and afraid, and didn’t want anyone to touch his foot. So, while we waited for Dr. Man to come back into the room with an assistant, I prayed with my son, and that really seemed to calm him immensely.

The very, very kind nurse helped me wrap Turbo’s arms gently but firmly to his body in a sheet, to keep any struggling to a minimum. I then wrapped my arms around him, and put my face close to his, while the nurse held down his leg, and Dr. Man went in for the Sliver of Death with what looked like a pair of needle-nose pliers!!! Not exactly the most gentle instrument of torture he could have chosen. I about choked at the sight of them.

The Sliver was deeper than I thought, and it seemed to take forever for Dr. Man to be done, but it probably took less than 30 seconds to get it out and drain the copious amount of pus. Poor Turbo was so valiant! He cried, of course, but tried very hard to hold still, and didn’t scream once. Not. Once.

What really broke my heart was hearing what he said through his sobs: “Please stop! I don’t like it! It hurts so much! I don’t want you to take it out!” Etc…

My mother-heart shattered into a million pieces that my baby had to go through this pain, but I knew it had to be done. The wound it left is deep, and will probably scar, but it is clean and free of all traces of the Sliver of Death. And, since he’s on antibiotics for strep, I don’t anticipate any problems, even though it’s on the bottom of his foot. A place where dirt abounds.

Turbo got through it so well, that Dr. Man told him that he’s had grown men who were far worse than he was! Turbo thought that was pretty funny. So did I, because my wonderful father-in-law is one such grown man! (You know I love you, Grandad!)

Anyway…the ordeal was over so quickly because Turbo trusted his mommy. He trusted Dr. Man. And I believe – in his own, child-like way – he trusted God. He submitted, obeyed, accepted the pain, and came through it a little stronger and braver than he was before. Even though he knew ahead of time that the doctor was going to hurt him, and he felt afraid, he still trusted in the basic goodness of myself and the doctor. He knew we were going to help him.

The pain the doctor put him through was less than the pain he would have gone through had we allowed the Sliver of Death to fester at length. The doctor had to cause pain in order to cleanse and heal Turbo’s foot.

That reminds me:

“I know, O Lord, that your laws are righteous, and in faithfulness you have afflicted me.”
Psalm 119:75 (NIV)

It’s amazing to me that the last two weeks of “affliction” in our family was allowed because of God’s faithfulness, love, and a desire to heal us. Not from vindictiveness, indifference, or anger. This fundamental Truth really makes those times easier to bear – as long as I remember it in the midst of my affliction!!! Lord, help me!

So…have you been afflicted recently? Look for God’s faithfulness in it – ask Him what it is He needs to teach you. You will be amazed at the answers you receive.

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  1. Butterfly Kisses says:

    I love the way you write!!
    Poor turbo, but he was so brave.
    I was sad reading this…it must have been so hard on you!