Weekend Linkityness

Birth & Bonding ~ The Birth Ecology Project.
If you don’t see the article right away, scroll down…and down some more. It’s there. I promise.

Gross Oversight: Cytotec Not on FDA’s Warning List ~ The Trial of Labor
If you read only one link this weekend – this one is it if you’re pregnant and considering induction using Cytotec (or misoprostal).

Please Welcome…My Mommy ~ One Thing
Jenni’s mom shares the story of her birth – in the most winning and winsome style. I love it!

Sorry I don’t have more for you…but what I have is pretty dang good. Enjoy!

One Response to “Weekend Linkityness”

  1. chubbycheeks says:

    Thanks for the cytotec link. I’ve had this for my last 2 and was unaware of this info. I thought it was safer than Pit, so that’s why I went with it.