Gloomies, Nut Jobs, and Warm Fuzzies

Today has been one of those grey, gloomy days that just seem to sap the life right out of me. There was nothing to make the weather interesting. No rain, no wind, not even occasional breaks in the clouds. I always forget that days like this affect me this way, and I always fail to prepare myself.

It’s a simple thing to overcome the Gloomies on days like this. All it takes for me is to put on some uplifting music. Sometimes I really have to rock myself out of the Gloomies. Or play on the floor with my kids. Or get OUT of the house and do anything to break the monotony.

Yet. I forgot to do any of that today.

To top it off, we got home extra-late last night after a joint baby shower at the church. Levi & I stayed behind to vacuum and set the chairs back up, so our short people didn’t get to bed until almost 10pm. Youch. So, there were four extra-cranky nut jobs running around today. Most excellent.

How did I deal with this? I buried my nose in a book all day long. The Lord of the Rings, to be precise. It made me all weepy when Gandalf fell in Moria. And when Boromir fell near Parth Galen. And when Sam refused to let Frodo leave the Fellowship, and continue the Quest alone. Again.

I’m such a geek.

Anyway, Levi woke up around five or so this afternoon, and once he saw my dejected countenance, declared that we were going OUT. So we did. We went to a place we haven’t been in probably two or three years at least: The Mall.

We never ever go to the Mall anymore. Ever. But, we had a hankering for food court cuisine tonight. It’s amazing how Japanese food and McDonald’s can coexist so peacefully in one building. Loved it. We spent our date night money, but that’s ok. It was worth it to just break out of the Gloomies.  Just getting into the van was all it took for my spirits to start lifting again.

We didn’t buy anything. We didn’t want to. We just enjoyed ambling about, talking and looking and answering endless questions from Turbo.

Needless to say, my emotional tank is full tonight. Thanks to a husband who is really starting to “get” me. We’re settling into a wonderful groove. While we still have a lot to learn, many areas to grow in, and wisdom to gain, tonight was a night I felt like we got a little bit closer to what we’re supposed to be. As individuals and as a unit.

I love my husband so deeply, and while I don’t experience a whole lot of “wam fuzzies” anymore, I have to say that I like the deeper connection that we have now. The warm fuzzies are truly becoming icing on the cake. And our cake is rich and satisfying and indulgent and hearty and comforting.

Don’t get me wrong – our icing is out of this world too! Tastes like homemade to me! 🙂 It’s just spread a little thinner than it used to be. That’s truly ok with me now, though, because I know that there will come a day that it’s thicker than it ever was in the beginning. In fact, we’re mixing it up right now, and it’s going to take a long time and a lot of work to get it just right.

And it will be worth the wait.

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