Holy COW, I’m Tired!

I just finished my training workshop for Childbirth Education through CAPPA, the same organization I am getting my doula certification through. Though most of the actual material was familiar to me, ten hours, two days in a row takes a toll on a person! I actually went to bed at nine o’clock last night! Even after a good nine hours of sleep, I still feel a little like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I learned so much about adult learning styles, teaching methods, and structuring a class so that all the different learners can get the most out of it. Intimidating and invigorating.

Sara watched the kids for me both days. Because she likes me. And she’s crazy. Crazy in the best way possible. Out of all four kids, the nursing 15-month-old behaved the best. Turbo did some lying. Cuteness did some mouthing off. Monkey pee’d on the floor. Sigh…

Of course, Bubbers has not let me out of his sight since, but I’m so grateful that he was happy with Miss Sara! Who, by the way, reassured me that I’m not a sucky mother, but that putting my kids in that situation, sans parents for two straight days, was a huge shock to their systems. It doesn’t excuse them in any way, but it made me feel lots better. Less like a failure and all. 🙂

So. I am going to go nap for a bit now. Before some friends come over for my crash course in childbirth…

Hopefully, life will slow down at least a teensy bit for a day or two after this. 🙂

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  1. Ali Davut on November 16, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    its great, thank u very much 🙂