More About Midwifery: Hoping to Educate

For those of you who responded to my earlier Midwives Deliver post, I wanted to back up some of what I said there.

However, I want to make it very clear upfront, that I don’t post this stuff because I think using a midwife or having natural birth is the only right way to have a baby. I believe firmly in a woman’s choices for childbirth – but I also believe firmly that women have given control of their choices (unintentionally) to caregivers, and too often settle for the status quo, when there’s so much more out there for them.

I believe that most women simply don’t know all their options, and my aim is purely to educate and show “the other side.”

I believe that women need to take responsibility for their choices, and that means knowing EVERYTHING you can before you decide what is best for YOU. This, of course, mostly applies to women with low-risk, healthy pregnancies. Outstanding medical circumstances really limit your options, but I still believe that you need to educate yourself about different options for your situation – if there are any. 🙂

I hope that dispels the myth that all natural childbirth and midwifery advocates are self-righteous, holier-than-thou brow beaters (although some are – just like some Dr’s are).

I truly and sincerely hope that the information I post is beneficial, interesting, and helpful to you – not preachy. Although, some of the articles I will post will have a clear bias. It’s impossible to avoid on either side.

Just take everything here with a grain of salt, and look it up yourself. Don’t take my word for anything either. If you have questions, ask. You can’t offend me.

Anyway, here are a few more links from what I believe to be reliable sources:

Infant Mortality: US Ranks 29th

“Evidence-based maternity care uses the best available research on the safety and effectiveness of specific practices to help guide maternity care decisions and to facilitate optimal outcomes in mothers and newborns. Although the field of pregnancy and childbirth pioneered evidence-based practice, resulting in a wealth of clear guidance for evidence-based maternity care, there remains a widespread and continuing underuse of beneficial practices, overuse of harmful or ineffective practices, and uncertainty about effects of inadequately assessed practices.”
-Introductory paragraph from: Evidence-Based Maternity Care: What it is and what it can achieve

CDC Releases New Infant Mortality Data

I got all of the preceding information from, a reputable activism website. Here is the short article from that site: Legalize and Endorse Certified Professional Midwifery Nationwide

Only 1% of women in this country birth out of hospital. That’s fine with me. I just hope to be a part of bringing evidence-based maternity care into the hospital environment. But never by bringing my own agenda to the birth of a client. My desire, again, is to educate my clients, one at a time, so that they are empowered to make the right decisions for themselves, and come out of their birth experience (no matter what it is) satisfied and at peace with their choices – and with full support from their entire birth team.

I hope this helped you. 🙂