Weekend Links

The most exciting link I have to share this week…
This new Homebirth vs. Hospital Birth study uses an unprecedented 530,00-ish women! This link is to the full text of the study, done in the Netherlands, where the majority of their population turns to midwives for their prenatal care, and they rank far above the US in infant mortality. (Maternal mortality as well, but I can’t find that link currently. Buried in my bookmarks somewhere.)

This new study is exciting, because the last major study midwives have been referencing has a much smaller sample – only 5,400 women, and has been called into question by skeptics and anti-homebirth advocates.

I hope this can put many people’s minds at ease who worry about their loved ones making the choice to birth at home. Take the time to read the study, and realize that though home birth may not be for everyone, it is most definitely the best option for many. Feel free to support your loved ones in this decision – that’s what they need the most.

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