Molly Ringwald births twins – Congratulations!

It has been reported that Molly Ringwald naturally birthed her twins (son Roman and daughter Adele) on July 10th, 2009.  Her babies arrived within minutes of each other.  No other details were given.

She had previously spoken publicly in a Fit Pregnancy interview about her desire for a vaginal birth.  Also that she would not schedule a cesarean due to expecting twins alone.  This is no small feat in today’s maternity world.  Women today nearly always deliver twins and other multiples via planned cesarean without labor (unless both babies are head down and the mother agrees to a tethered labor).

Something else stands out to me.  She appears to have bucked the trend of advanced maternal age obstetrics based on this study ama study.  You see Molly Ringwald is a gorgeous, healthy 41 year old!

Though Molly Ringwald is a celebrity, she is like all the rest of us, a  childbearing woman.   If she can do it, so can you!

Congratulations to Molly and her family.