Comfort Tips for a Hospital Labor and Delivery

No matter how a hospital room is decorated, it is still a hospital room and not your home.  It smells different, sounds different, looks different, you name it not your home.

What can you do to make is more comfortable for your labor and delivery?

  • Labor at home as long as possible and arrive when you are deep into active labor (unless there is a medical reason to arrive earlier)
  • Wear your own clothing the whole time – nothing says “patient” like the hospital gown
  • A bathing suit top to wear while in the shower or tub
  • A binsi or bathing suit cover to wear while laboring
  • Bring your own pillow case or pillow – as long as they can be washed in hot water and a disinfectant after
  • Have your own toiletry items
  • Bring your own snacks and drinks – again it is what you are used to
  • Bring photos or cards to put around the room that you love to look at
  • Bring your own music
  • Aromatherapy to mask birth smells or abate nausea such as lavendar, orange, and/or peppermint
  • Your own non-food use crock pot to make hot compresses
  • Favorite blanket or soothie type item that helps you relax
  • A roll or two of your own toilet paper if you are particular or have sensitive parts
  • Your favorite lotion
  • A your husband or partner will not be with you, have a shirt or other worn so you can have the scent around
  • Any religious or spiritual materials that help you focus on the task at hand
  • Bring your own birth ball to use
  • Surround yourself with the colors that create peace, safety and comfort
  • Think outside the norm and bring flowers, herbs or other items from your garden

Though you cannot have a home birth in the hospital, you can make it more comfortable and to your liking.  You ARE renting the space while you are there.