Morning Sickness and Nausea Tips

Nausea is such a common complaint among pregnant women.  Usually the extreme nausea passes by the time a woman enters the second to mid-second trimester, however, some women experience it throughout pregnancy.

Though no solution is full proof, there are some things that can be done to aide in a calmer digestive system.  Remember that food aversions or smell aversions are normal.

  • Eat regularly and frequently though smaller meals
  • Use peppermint in the form of tea, essential oil, or candy such as Altoids
  • Use ginger in the form of ale, tea, raw pieces, candy, or essential oil
  • Have a honey stick or other quick sugar (a few jelly beans) prior to getting out of bed in the morning to abate low blood sugar from not eating for many hours
  • Stay hydrated with non-caffeinated beverages
  • Take prenatal vitamins with food or in the evening. Another options is to switch to a liquid or whole food vitamin which absorbs more readily and less likely to be irritating.
  • Limit coffee intake
  • Drink herbal tea (read labels some are not encouraged during pregnancy
  • Eat yogurt and take probiotics to ensure a healthy digestive system
  • Take digestive enzymes
  • Wear a sea sickness acupressure band
  • Seek out an acupuncturist for treatment
  • Seek out an herbalist or naturopath for treatment
  • If nausea or vomiting is severe or extreme, consult with your care provider as you may have a more serious form of morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidium) which requires a special course of treatment.

Here is to gestating in peace and digestive harmony.