In Honor of Labor Day

I doubt I’ll be able to post much of anything with my Grammers & Papo here for a surprise visit. Totally awesome. 🙂

So, to keep you entertained, I decided to post this little meme I found over at Rocks In My Dryer. It’s a neat little meme all about labor. The kind where nine or so months of your life culminate in your falling in love with someone you have never met, and has done nothing but sit on your bladder and punch you in the ribs for the last half of those nine(ish) months.

Enjoy! And participate! Even if you don’t have a blog…post your answers in a comment.

How long were your labors?

  • Turbo: 37.5 hours
  • Cuteness: 8 hours
  • Sunshine: 3-4 hours
  • Little Dude: 3 hours
  • How did you know you were in labor?

  • Turbo: Contractions started getting regular, and kept me awake.
  • Cuteness: Contractions kept me awake.
  • Sunshine: I felt “weird” at bedtime, then couldn’t sleep because contractions started.
  • Little Dude: I just “knew” at bedtime, and sure enough, the contractions started not long after I lay down.
  • Where did you birth?

  • Turbo: At a birthing center in Virginia.
  • Cuteness, Sunshine, & Little Dude: At home in my bed.
  • Drugs?

  • Not for pain. I used water, movement, massage, counter pressure, rice socks, music, and a lot of vocalizing. Levi said I sound like a cow. 🙂 With Turbo, since my labor was so long, I was at a higher risk of hemorrhage, so my CNM gave me an injection of Pitocin in my thigh to ward that off just after I birthed the placenta.


    I am so grateful that there was never an instant of concern over the safety of either my babies or myself to indicate the need for one, though I am so glad it would have been available if I or my babies had needed it. 🙂

    Who caught?

    We had a wonderful CNM for the first two births when we were stationed in D.C., and she helped Levi catch each of them. For the last two, I had THE BEST Registered Midwife anyone could ask for, and Levi was also in on the whole catching thing. Awesome!

    If you want to play along with this meme, just cut and paste the questions into your own blog, and leave a comment so we can find you! Or, if you don’t have a blog, just leave yours in a comment here, so I can read it!

    Thanks so much!

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