Preparing For Birth – Maternity Related Consent Forms

It can be very challenging to read and understand consent forms during labor and delivery or without enough time to process the information prior to any treatment.

Below is a compilation list of consent forms from all over the country. I strongly suggest if you are birthing in a hospital to pick up any and all maternity related forms including induction, epidural and cesarean prior to pre-registering. This will give you a better understanding of practice and protocols along with benefits, consequences and risks of common procedures and treatment. I want you to have a full understanding, as well as, more ability to partner with your provider on what you want and need. The forms may even be available on-line. In the same manner pick up or download treatment forms your care provider has available as early as possible in pregnancy.

This information does not preclude doing your own research and what occurs in your area. This is to provide you with a starting point and used for critical thinking your own care.

Variety OB consent forms – OBCons_English_2006

Cesarean – IC-ApndxC-C-Sec-2

VBAC – VBAC forms consent

Epidural –

Labor and Delivery Anesthesia – asahq labordelivery anesth

Epidural Informed Consent Video (you need to register) –

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