Fly Sister Soar

This is my Valentine to you all my “sisters”.  We are in this together, weaving the past, present, and future through who we are and what we do.  I ache for us women to encircle each other, grow each other and be real with each other.  Be blessed.

Sister never be satisfied with just living. Hiding. Being less. In the shadows.

Find your “it” and fly sister. Don’t fear being who you are intended to be. Shake off the layers others have put upon you. Peel off the veneer you have placed upon yourself. Soar Sister

You are a jewel worth polishing. Brilliant. Perfect. In the light.

Be you and fly sister. Adventurous and alive. Alive down into your soul. There is a splendor and beauty begging to be set free. To be seen. Soar Sister.

by Desirre Andrews

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