Mothers Matter

Dear Mothers,

You MATTER.  In every moment of every day you matter. All you do, say, model, believe, live for.. matters. Do NOT allow anyone to say otherwise.  You HAVE much value.

The impression you leave is forever marked into the hearts and minds of those you love, grow, discipline, encourage….. No one can make the same impact on a child for better or worse, as mother.

Believe that your children are made specifically for you whether birthed by you or gifted to you from another womb.  Always continue to grow and better your mothering skills.  Be humble and accept you do not know everything or will always do things the right way. Be amazing in your humanness. Be real. You are strong.

There is no guarantee to the days you will be an earthly mother your children.  Be assured you will live on in their heart, like my mother lives in me and my siblings.

My mother was not perfect, but she was made just for me and I for her. I knew I was always loved and adored by her.  My mother and I would heartily and passionately disagree in some areas of life. What fun those conversations would have been. Not perfect, but perfect for me.

Every single day is the opportunity to mother with all you have to offer. Some days you will come up short. Some days you will be a downright super hero.

Take advantage of the sunrise as a gift to spread your mothering wings a bit further.

You matter. You leave a lasting impression. You are the legacy of tomorrow in the future history of your family’s tomorrows.

Thank you for being a mother, the best mother you can be.  You inspire generations to come.

You matter to your children and to me too.

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