School’s Not in Session Today (or, This Will Be Random)

No Monday school this week, simply because we didn’t make it to church. A combination of waking up too late and realizing that all four of my kids seem to have caught Baby Schel’s cold. Nobody’s too far under the weather – just lots of snot and a mild cough.

You may (or may not) have noticed that I did not write anything on Saturday. I really don’t know why that is. It just didn’t happen.

Saturday was unusual for us. He traded days with a co-worker, working her Monday shift, and took Saturday off. Our church’s teens hosted a “Parent’s Day Out” fund-raiser, that I would have loved to take advantage of. However, I seriously did not remember that Levi would be off, making it worth it for us to do so. I feel so badly that we didn’t take advantage of their event for our date Saturday. Next time, I will!

Levi took me out for probably the best date we’ve had in months! We tried a place, new to us, downtown.

We were told it was the best Greek place in town, because, you know, it’s run by “Real Greeks!” So, their food is actually authentic. I had the Spanakopita, which is filled with all kinds of spinach-y deliciousness. Levi had a gyro, which was also good. I love good food. I loved the homey atmosphere.

After that, we had some time to kill, so walked down to a local coffee shop to enjoy a mocha and a game of Othello. I’d never played before (didn’t get a pic, dangit), and I won! I love beginner’s luck. It was so nice to walk around downtown and spot some restaurants we’ve never been to, and figure out which one’s we’d like to try. We both love trying new food, even if it doesn’t turn out to be that great. Conversation with an intelligent man, who is completely in love with me, over a plate of food, without the kids is such a novel experience, it would be hard for it to be ruined by bad food. Or that run-on sentence.

We made our way to the theater, where we indulged in a non-dollar movie: True Grit.

It. Was. Amazing. The dialogue was a riot, Matt Damon made a wonderful nincompoop, and Jeff Bridges? Well, he’s Jeff Bridges. He was wonderful. However, it was Hailee Steinfeld who stole the show. Go see it. Worth every dime.

Cold Stone topped off our evening, thanks to a half-price gift certificate, after which we stopped by a RedBox and rented The Social Network. (Two movies in one night – we are such wild things!) A powerful movie about how easy it is to let anger and jealousy undermine any relationships worth having. I was really, really impressed.

That’s all I really wanted to say about that.

In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what school looks like most days now:

And Schel showing her interest in wooden puzzles, and how they work:

Told you it was going to be random. It’s all I’ve got today.

How was your weekend?



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