Topic 17: A Style All My Own, If Money Were No Object

Since I caught my niece’s tummy bug, and woke with a migraine, I am very happy that today’s theme requires almost no writing whatsoever. As you know, I have been doing about one topic each week from my friends’ 30 More challenge. I have to admit, too, that I started working on this one weeks ago, because it’s just fun! I get to share my personal style with you.

I love window-shopping, even if I don’t have the money to buy – just getting ideas is often helpful, and I can usually find similar looks at thrift stores or discount stores like Ross. So, without further ado (and so far, no need to run for the bathroom), I bring you my favorite looks:

This first one is what I look for when I shop for clothes – the hippy look is positively me. However, it can be hard to find just what works on my figure. I am really bummed that flare-leg jeans are no longer popular, as that would be all I would wear if I could get my hands on a pair that worked on my distinctly “mother-of-four” figure. And those bell bottoms with the green insert? I about fainted when I saw them!

Everyday Hippie
Roberto Cavalli, French Connection, Soprano
I love organic, hippie-ish, flowery, feminine clothes.

If I could, I would probably wear a long, flowy dress everyday of my life. I love the feeling of fabric wooshing and swishing about my legs, and the sense of freedom pants can never seem to give. Not to mention that long dresses and skirts make me feel more fairy-like and elfin than anything else. And who wouldn’t feel pretty and graceful if they felt like that?

I Feel like a Fairy
Free People, Roberto Cavalli, Free People
I adore wearing dresses – for no good reason. Especially ones that are very girly, very flowy, and unique.

Originally, I found the following shirt in a lovely shade of green-yellow, but since I put this together, it sold out. I am far too tired to bother trying to find another in the right color, so picture this shirt style in a rich green, and you get the idea.

Green & Gold
Anthropologie, Kendra Scott, Lucky Brand, Free People
Things that sparkle, and remind me of sunshine and leaves are my favorite accessories. And – a good example of shirt styles I…

Great. Now I want to go shopping.

What is your favorite style of clothes? Why is that? Do you have an item in your closet that screams your personality more than anything else you own? What is it?

This one has been fun, but I need to go lie down again – I’m feeling distinctly woozy.



One Response to “Topic 17: A Style All My Own, If Money Were No Object”

  1. LadyJ says:

    I would Love and wear everything you posted. 🙂 I love hippyish, Flare legged is great or at least belled somewhat. Love skirts and dresses (if I can wear a bra with them). But only naturally flowing ones not baggy ugly but not tight fitting.

    I love comfy boots and do not love dress shoes. I must admit I have never owned a comfy pair though so I might like them if I did. I love Jesus style sandles but not flip flops I need a back strap to be really comfy chasing kidlets.

    Wow shopping would be fun. But for now it has to wait too many other things to put on the front burner. 🙂