What Inspires Me (as a doula)?

It has been awhile since I mentioned much of anything regarding birth on this blog, or my work as a doula and childbirth educator. Tonight, I attended the #doulaparty on Twitter. Happens every Friday night at 9pm Eastern. It’s incredible. The topics and women vary greatly, and it’s always a blessing.

We all shared what inspires us as doulas tonight, and I wanted to pass on some of them. If it wasn’t my tweet, I have the doula’s username listed just after each one.

As a doula, I am inspired by:

  • A gently birthed baby’s gaze into momma’s eyes, and response to dad/partner’s voice. I call it the “Hey…I know you!” look.
  • I am inspired by confident, attached, healthy parents who dont “need” me anymore. ~nashvillebirth
  • The 1st successful latch, and the sense of sacredness and intimacy it ushers into the room. Like a blanket of peace.
  • When I hear the first breath, sounds that have never been uttered earthside by the fresh new baby. ~Preparing4Birth
  • I am inspired watching a husband/partner morph into something new when they lay eyes on the new baby. ~Preparing4Birth
  • I am inspired by how time stops. The universe seems to wait during that final push. Then the sky sings. ~Preparing4Birth
  • I am inspired by women finding a trans-formative power in connecting on a primal level with their bodies. ~NaturalPshDoula

These were just a few of the things we shared with one another tonight, and I have come away so invigorated for 2011, and all it might hold for me, in regards to birth. Still, there is one more I want to share with you, that I have already shared with my doula sisters. And I think that, above all, it is the moment after a birth I look forward to most. No matter what the circumstances, this is the most inspiring thing to me, and it has happened at every birth where I have served as a doula:

The inevitable “I did it,” breathlessly uttered by a woman who was unconvinced that she could, until she did.

Seeing a woman blossom into this kind of confidence and beauty from a place of insecurity, or even fear, is incredible. The small part I play in that is deeply treasured.

What inspires you in the work you do?