Day 16: She’s a natural.

My best friend, Tiffany, inspires me, in answer to the question posed by today’s topic. I could write a history about this woman and the family surrounding her. I’ll spare her that embarrassment, however. Her humility wouldn’t allow me to wax poetic about her many virtues!

Suffice to say that Tiffany is the most natural mom I’ve ever met. She’s not perfect, but she seems to have taken up the Mantle of Motherhood with more grace and common sense and built-in wisdom than I have ever seen. She’s just plain good at it. Patient, kind, open-hearted, wise, loving, and sensible are all words that describe her. It’s hard to explain exactly why she inspires me the way she does. She’s everything I want to be as a wife and mom, but I have no envy of that in her. She just inspires me to be better than I am.

I often find myself wishing I lived next door to her, so I could be a “mom intern” or something. Since that can’t happen anytime soon, I content myself with reading her blogs, and our occasional conversations. And missing her like crazy, hoping she knows how much I appreciate her loyalty and love as my dearest and oldest friend. (You do know that I love you deeply, right, Tiff?)

As I get ready for a busy Saturday, and for a red-head’s birthday tomorrow, I pray that I radiate peace the way Tiffany does. She’s a blessed kindred spirit.

Who inspires you?



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