Day 4: Where’s the Reset Button?

According to my handy-dandy Topic List, this post is supposed to contain a picture of my night. However, since my day has been rather befuddled and piece-meal, this photo was taken in the late afternoon. It represents several things that were on my long list of things to do today.

1… The grocery list and menu I had to create. (Check)

2… The budget, which has been tweaked a lot today. (Check – pending approval/compromise from my other half.)

3… Laundry. (Nice try)

4… A bunch of phone calls. (Yeah right.)

5… Cleaning the office/school area. (Ha!)

6… Write a little. (Check)

7… More stuff I have certainly forgotten.

The elongated word “Fooooood” represents my state of mind. You see, though my menu & grocery list were written down, and the amount of cash we need for the month figured out, I was not able to go my merry way with the five kiddos to procure these things. Why? A confounding number of factors.

One being that Little Red has dirtied every pair of bottoms she owns – pants AND skirts – over the last few days. Another being that I spent too much time on things lower on the priority list (or not even ON the list) than I should have. (Please, don’t worry – I’m not kicking myself. I can’t change today, but I can start fresh tomorrow.)

Yet another reason was the timing of Schel’s afternoon nap. That child slept during prime time, which is normal for her. How on earth do I forget that I need to plan shopping BEFORE the nap? It’s too late in the day for me to do anything afterwards. I’ll get it down eventually. By the time she awoke, the bank was closed, and it was past time for some dinner.

So, my brain is confounded. I know there are things I have forgotten to put on the grocery list, which I will NOT remember until I’ve finished at all three stores. All I know is that we need “Fooooood.” And lots of it. We are out of everything, which isn’t good, seeing as how my children are eating like the proverbial “horses” at the moment.

The sepia tone symbolizes the overall melancholy tone my life has had this week, due to being a girl. (No, not THAT, exactly, just the week preceding THAT.) I have gone back and forth between hormonal moodiness and optimism; unreasonable crankiness and playfulness; guiltily kicking my own shins and making excuses for everything.

Where’s the reset button?

I know I left it around here somewhere. One of the kids probably destroyed it.

And you know what? This is just the tip of a very annoying iceberg of a week. Re-focusing will just have to be a must.

Please tell me your week was better than mine!? I need to know that others can function just fine, whether I do or not.



2 Responses to “Day 4: Where’s the Reset Button?”

  1. Marla says:

    There’s always a list and it will get done! Go have some chocolate…oh wait, you have to go to the store for that! LOL

  2. David Hitt says:

    Great post. Love the pic!