Day 10: The Stews.

Today, I am supposed to post a picture of the person(s) I do the most messed up things with. I don’t really do much that could be considered “messed up.” However, the Stews are connected with many oddball, messed up inside jokes. I will not regale you with their explanations here. They have become almost a secret code for us. However, I can relate an anecdote from very early on in our friendship that just might give you an idea of our “messedupedness.”

In our base housing in DC, we had a small, half-bath downstairs. We had all gotten together to hang out, and were probably playing the LOTR trading card game. (One stone of the foundation of our friendship is made up largely of geek stone.) Stewy got up to avail himself of the bathroom. It was just around the corner from the living room. Less than 15 feet away.

It took me only two seconds to look up from my cards, horrified, exchanging significant looks with Levi & Sabrina.

I yelled across the room, “Are you peeing with the door open?!?! SHUT THE DOOR!!!” My horror was mixed with (what I thought) was an unholy desire to laugh. Levi and Sabrina submitted immediately to the laughter.

From the bathroom, all I hear is “I’m peeing with the door open, and I like it.”

He did shut the door, but that did it. We all collapsed, laughing fit to kill. Apparently, they just felt THAT comfortable in my house. And that’s a good thing, right?

Needless to say, we are a messed up bunch of friends, and I cannot WAIT for them to get here this spring! It will be so awesome to finally have our best friends here, even if it’s only for a little while. (The Air Force has an annoying habit of moving people around on you.)

How about you? Any “messedupedness” in your group of friends? Or are we the only weirdos on the planet?



One Response to “Day 10: The Stews.”

  1. Marla says:

    LOVE this! Everyone should have friends so close they feel like family!