Day 20: Burned Into My Mind

I wish I could forget this movie. It was terrible. They took two hours to tell a story I could have told in five minutes, with more action.

I don’t mind movies that are slow, with little action, as long as I can be persuaded to care about the characters. I couldn’t. The only interesting part of the movie was the last five minutes or so. Even then, I didn’t care. At all. Mainly because the main character is a total loser. A cold-hearted, lonely, no-good, really-bad-word.

Then, there were several scenes we had to flat-out skip. Totally unnecessary, and there are images branded into my mind that I wish I could forget. Thankfully, I only had to live with the first couple of seconds.

Levi brought it home from redbox, having heard that it was pretty good. Boy, do we regret that $1.07.

We had to watch an episode of Firefly to make up for it. To wash our little brains clean of the horribleness of The American.

Anything you wish you could forget? I couldn’t choose anything from my life, really, because everything I remember is worth remembering. This movie is all I could come up with. Don’t watch it. For the love of all things good, don’t watch it! And if you do, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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