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Pitocin’s Untold Impact ~ Birth Faith

Pitocin – like any other drug – is a tool, morally neutral, with its own proper and improper uses. This post examines some emerging evidence of the role oxytocin plays in our lives. How synthetic oxytocin may hinder or help that is still being studied, but what’s coming out is like a big red flag that reads: “PROCEED WITH CAUTION!”

Never assume a drug is needed, based solely on someone’s say-so, and never assume the reverse. Examine your own case, have an open conversation with your CP, and listen to your instincts.

Pitocin might very well be needed, but that does not mean you should use it without knowing the risks, benefits, or consequences that may go along with it. Knowing those things will equip you to understand more fully what’s going on, as well as alert you to watch for long-term consequences, and may help you narrow down any issues you may have later.

It’s a tool – use it wisely, and own it. No apologies necessary for either road you choose, as long as you’re paying attention to the signs on the way!

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