At CAPPA: 10 More Things

Oh. My. Word.

How on earth am I going to narrow today’s post down to 10 things? The fact is that I must. I’m really ready for bed after a long, crazy-full day. Well, here goes nothing, and in no particular order:

#1: These sessions are jam-packed FULL of some seriously life-changing information.

#2: There have been things that I have “known,” somewhere in my gut, were true. I found out today that much of that has a biological basis, and is, in fact, TRUE. Awesome. I love that.

#3: All neural connections for the full spectrum of human emotions in an unborn baby is completed by the first week of the third trimester. In other words, the unborn child is capable of feeling anything from bliss to despair – in utero.

#4: The heart is another brain – it actually has brain cells in it. No, really.

#5: Babies feel begin to feel pain no later than twelve weeks in utero, but it’s probably earlier. However, the part of the brain that can produce analgesic effects, to help cope with pain, are not developed until much later. (I’ll have to go get the dvd of the session to double-check the age, so I won’t list it here yet. It was somewhere in toddlerhood, though.)

#6: Epigenetics are friggin’ awesome.

A few good quotes:

#7: “The foundation of emotional intelligence is emotional security.” ~Robin Grille, psychologist and author of Parenting For a Peaceful World and Heart to Heart Parenting.

#8: “Babies are not resilient, they are adaptive.” ~Bruce Perry In other words, babies don’t “bounce back,” they adapt and cope to deal with whatever comes their way in life – not always in healthy ways.

#9: “Loving eye contact is the other breastmilk.” ~Robin Grille (See #7)

#10: I haven’t danced, like I did tonight, since high school. CAPPA put together an amazing chocolate fondue party to end the night, and I hardly left the dance floor. So much good, clean fun, with women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and colors. It was a beautiful thing.

I don’t have pictures yet, since my camera battery died in my lap yesterday morning. I rue his passing. However, I have friends who promised to email me a few to share with you.

Grace & Peace,


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