At CAPPA: 10 Things

After almost four years as a trained doula, and almost three as a trained childbirth educator, I have finally made it to my certifying organization’s annual conference! I am so grateful and blessed to be here, and to be part of CAPPA.

Even more, I am so glad that I didn’t have to fly out here, navigate LAX, or reserve a hotel room alone. I flew out with a new friend and associate, Kari Golyer, whose friends graciously allowed a stranger to tag along. We are both rooming with Desirre Andrews. This is going to be a unique experience!

Without much further ado, I’d like to share ten things from my day today.

#1: I wish my camera battery wasn’t nearly dead, and I wish that I had remembered my charger for it.

#2: I forgot to bring many different, fairly essential, items on this particular trip.

#3: Kari’s friend, Cari, spent her day taking us to the beach and introducing us to the most amazing Mexican restaurant I’ve ever been to. I’ve already forgotten it’s name. Something like Pablo’s or … PONCHO’S! That’s it, Poncho’s.

#4: Aforementioned Cari also took us to a sand dune used by a lot of people as a workout. The stupid thing was HUGE! Neither Kari or I thought we could do it. It glowered at us and dared us. So we did it.

#5: Six months ago, I would not have been able to do it. At all. Twenty pounds lighter, and 6 weeks into the the Couch to 5K training, I made it! I felt amazing afterward, too. My legs will be sore tomorrow, but I’m proud of myself!

#6: Tonight’s meet-n-greet turned into a wonderful series of surprises, as I met some women whose faces I’ve never seen, except on Twitter or Facebook. The most exciting face-to-face for me was to meet Janice Banther, the founder of Birth Behind Bars, an organization that provides doulas to women inmates. Something that I would like to be a part of, in my “someday dreams.”

#7: I got to see my doula trainer tonight too! I haven’t seen Ana since my training, but have been in touch online. She’s amazing, and I’m so glad to know her, even a little.

#8: Kari and I enjoyed getting out toes into the Pacific Ocean for a little while today. The weather was perfect. Absolutely perfect. That little visit brought us each a little bit of much-needed peace.

#9: I miss my kids and husband, who have graciously allowed me to come to this conference, knowing how much it will benefit me. I have the best family I could have ever asked for.

#10: I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful, brain-bustingly fantastic weekend. I can’t wait to share my birth-geekiness with you.

In fact, I think I just might try to share 10 new things a day that I’ve learned…it’s an idea. I make no promises. As you know, my blogging isn’t exactly consistent, but I really do delight in sharing with you when I can; and I appreciate that you care to drop by and read it.

Today’s post was quite random, but my brain needs a little more order to it before I can give you anything other than random. I certainly hope that’s alright with you!

‘Til tomorrow then (or the next day-ish)!

Grace & Peace,
Tiffany Miller, CLD


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