What is a Doula?

A doula…

…is a big ol’ momma heart with soft, wise hands attached. And she knows when to reach out those hands, or when to sit on them.

…is a light-bearer. She illuminates the path ahead for birthing families, then hands over the torch, and falls into step beside them.

…is a believer: in women, in babies, in daddies and partners, in birth and all that goes with it.

…is a builder of bridges. With the bricks of understanding, compassion, and communication, a doula helps build a safe, reliable bridge over the waters of conflict between a birthing family and their care provider. She walks across that bridge with each family, confident in everyone’s ability to be kind to one another.

…is a voice of passion and reason. She speaks the truth in love, and seasons it with grace.

…is a human being, with flaws of her own. She gives the graces she desires to receive, and owns up to her mistakes, learning from each one.

…does not need to be perfect to be effective in her work – she only needs to be teachable and humble.

…is a professional, with skills and knowledge for the task at hand. She not only trusts the birthing family, she trusts herself to be what they need, when they need it.

…is a space-saving device. She protects the privacy and peace of the families she serves, and finds creative ways to help them feel at home, wherever they may be.

…[fill in the blank].

How would you describe a doula?

Grace & Peace
Tiffany Miller, CLD