A Facebook Giveaway!

***UPDATE: Megan C. from Colorado Springs is our winner! Congrats!***

It’s finally in my hands! The new book on the mother-baby bond is OUT. I will start reading it today, and I can’t wait!

That’s not the exciting thing, though.

The exciting thing is that I ordered a copy to give away to YOU!

All you have to do to enter is head over to my Facebook page, and LIKE it. Then, leave a comment here (make sure to include your email) to let me know that you did.

Then, look for the status on my page inviting you to share it, and get another entry for sharing that status. Make sure you leave a comment ON THAT STATUS to let me know that you shared my page, and you’ll be entered to win!

I’ll draw the winner as soon as my Facebook page reaches 150 “Likes.” I’m at 141 right now, so it shouldn’t be too long before I’m able to draw names.

You’ll get one entry, per person, per day. Just watch my Facebook page for “share-able” statuses, and make sure you get your name in the hat!

This giveaway includes:

  • The Greatest Pregnancy Ever by Laurel Wilson and Tracy Wilson Peters
  • A set of homemade, gender-neutral, flannel burp cloths
  • A pretty, homemade journal
  • Anything else I can think of that might be nice

Thanks for sharing!
Grace & Peace,

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11 Responses to “A Facebook Giveaway!”

  1. Hey! I already “liked” your page at an earlier time. I’m ahead of the game!

    • faerylandmom says:

      You are entered, lady!

      • Gulabchand says:

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  2. cara moorehead says:

    shared! looks amazing 🙂

  3. meleakua says:

    i shared the giveaway too! 🙂 (though i don’t like doing that because it lowers my chances of winning.. tee-hee.. but i figure this page & giveaway deserve to be shared with the facebook world :] )

  4. meleakua says:

    i like you too! 🙂 i’m so glad to have found your page.. & this giveaway.. both look fantastic!! thanks so much!

  5. Tammy L says:

    I like you!