CAPPA Conference 2012, Day 1: My Take on Things

I’m beginning to wish that I had brought my camera after all. I decided to leave it home so that my husband could take pics of all the fun things he planned to do with the kids while I was gone. Turns out we have a sick kiddo, so that fun is not necessarily going to happen.

After five great, brain-busting, heart-tugging sessions, my mind is full. The theme this year is building bridges, and all the sessions so far have really given me some practical tools and advice on how to make productive, positive changes to the way I approach my clients and students.

I thought that tonight, I’d just share a few quotes that I really liked from the various sessions today, as well as a few things I learned.

1) Bridging the Nutrition Gap (Laurel Wilson IBCLC, CLE, CLD, CCCE):
The nutrition moms are able to get lay the foundation for her unborn baby for the rest of their life. Sure, we can make changes as needed as adults, but it’s far easier to make healthier choices if the foundation is already laid. Nutrition affects our epi-genome. (Google epigenetics – it’s fascinating stuff. Not going into it here, but man alive…)

2) The Accidental Parent (Tracy Wilson Peters CLD, CLE, CCCE):
I learned the H.A.L.T. principle. Never make important decisions or have important discussions with your spouse when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Makes sense!

3) Birth & Postpartum Rituals Around the World (Darla Burns CPD, CLE, CCCE):
We need to learn to value the trichotomy of father/mother/baby, not just the dichotomy of mother and baby. We all know fathers are important, but we do tend to sort of leave dads out a little in childbirth education.

4) Building Birth Bridges (Janice Banther CCCE, CLD, CD):
I learned here how to get things done, reach my goals, and fulfill the dreams I have in birth work by building communication bridges based on the interests and needs of others before myself. Super-inspiring lecture!

5) The eBirth Professional – Best Practices in Technology Use (Desirre Andrews, CLD, CLE, CCCE, Intern Midwife, Advocate):
Oh, MAN – all the stuff I learned in this session! The balance of being real, but professional. Human and accessible, but appropriately private. Developing and establishing my online presence, and finding my own voice.

Looking forward to tomorrow, so much. I can’t wait to really process all this and put it into practice!

Grace & Peace,

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