Learning Curve

12983954_10208481659654579_6833767883080805340_oHomeschool. Husband. Midwife studies. CAPPA. Childbirth classes. Home management. Family. Friends. It’s a lot, folks. No wonder things, and sometimes people, fall into the cracks and get lost.

“Can’t you just cut something?”

Well, sure I could. Anyone could cut anything if necessary.

That isn’t the question, and I’m not complaining. I’m entering a new season. A season of growth and change for my  business and in my family.

And it’s hard.

Really, really hard.

But it’s good too.

So, so good.

I am stumbling my way through a new learning curve. It’s the road less traveled, and I’m not looking back.

Has it really been two months since I’ve written anything?

Speaking of cutting things. Guess what goes first?

Writing anything that doesn’t fit in a Twitter post.

All those good habits a writer is supposed to have? I don’t have them. But I need to write. I’ll figure this out eventually. Perhaps, one day, I will choose to write and write and write instead of scroll.

Facebook is gone from my phone. And more words are tumbling around in my mind and heart, trying to break out. I see it in my list of drafts that is ever-lengthening, and never turning over into a publishable post. Or even a coherent thought.

What, even, do I write about?

Grace & Peace,

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