Rock the Boat: Call the Colorado state senators TODAY!

Maybe you believe your vote doesn’t count in general elections. That your voice makes no difference. I won’t try to convince you otherwise. However, what DOES count is your phone calls and emails to your Senators & Representatives–in your state AND in Washington! Whether you voted for them or not, EVERY phone call represents hundreds of voters to them.

I challenge you to set an example for your children, and pick up your phone. Teach them how, even if our favored politician loses the race, we can still participate and have an impact on the process of lawmaking on issues that matter to us.

It took me FIVE minutes to make five quick phone calls, and another five minutes to send five emails to our state senators.

Vote or don’t vote, but rock the boat!

Thank you!
Grace & Peace,
Tiff Miller

From Karen Robinson, former CMA president:
I’m seeing a lot of messages flying across Facebook asking people to contact certain members of the Colorado House Health Committee (Sue Ryden, Beth McCann, Susan Lontine and Lois Landgraf) to tell them not to Colorado Registered Midwives from attending VBAC at home.

It’s important to note that this bill is no longer in the House, it will move to the Senate next week. So while I think it’s fine to contact those four women, I strongly suggest everyone start contacting their individual state senators instead–along with the following members of the Senate Health Committee:

  • Kevin Lundberg (he will be the bill’s sponsor): 303-866-4853,
  • Larry Crowder: 303-866-4875,
  • Irene Aguilar: 303-866-4852,
  • Beth Martinez Humenick: 303-866-4863,
  • Linda Newell: 303-866-4846,

Copy and paste the following into an email to each senator (thanks to Ramona Webb for the suggested script):

Dear Senator __________,

HB-1360 will be voted on in the Colorado Senate soon, and it contains an amendment stripping away home birth parents’ rights to have a registered midwife attend their birth if they have had a cesarean before. This language was not in the previous bill regulating
direct-entry midwives …

If home VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) with a registered midwife is made illegal, I am afraid that many VBAC mothers will choose to give birth at home without any medical assistance rather than plan a hospital birth and likely repeat cesarean. Registered midwives are trained to monitor the mother and baby for problems and transport to the hospital if complications arise.

Please vote to remove this recently added amendment, and preserve the rights of Colorado home birth parents!

Thank you,
(address & phone)

Last, but not least, please take the time to sign this petition, right now. Just click on the heading.

Safe Homebirth VBAC options for Colorado Women


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