Tanya Park

Student Midwife

Tanya is an advanced Student Midwife, working toward her Certified Professional Midwife credential.

Tanya was called to birth work when she attended the birth of her niece at age 16. It is then that she became passionate about all things birthy. She believes birth is a monumental event in a family and considers it an honor to help families in the birth of their child.

She is currently in Phase 3 of the North American Registry of Midwives Portfolio Evaluation Process, which means she is able to take her own midwifery clients while all care is done under the supervision of her current preceptor, Emily Thompson of Organic Homebirth. This means that Emily (or another registered preceptor) will be physically present during all appointments, labor, and birth, until after she passes the NARM exam and is registered in Colorado to practice as an independent midwife.

Tanya’s mission is to give mothers and fathers the education, tools and confidence to find their own approach to birthing and parenting as they discern what works best for them. Her job is to walk alongside and support families and give them nurturing guidance and encouragement.

Tanya has been married to David for over 25 years and together they have 5 beautiful children ages ranging in age from young teens to early twenties. Two of her children were born in the hospital and 3 were born at home.

After supporting friends in the births of their children and watching and reading way to many Birth Stories. The timing was finally right for her to pursue her career as a birth worker.

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