There is such a special sweetness in being able to participate in creation.

~Pamela S. Nadav

ACOG believes in limiting your birth choices

February 7, 2008

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) released a statement yesterday reiterating its stance that women should not deliver their babies at home among other chafing comments. The statement is linked here: So ACOG with an Executive Board of 24 with various districts and committees underneath, believes it is allowed to dictate for…

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ICAN and VBAC Ban Project – Get Involved Today

January 30, 2008

This is taken from written by a fellow ICAN Board member and all around amazing woman, Gretchen H. Please read, think and get involved. The VBAC ban project is finally up and running! What is this you ask? Well, simply put, we are going to call every hospital in the U.S. and find out…

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Finding The Right Midwife For Your Home Birth

January 11, 2008

CHOOSING YOUR MIDWIFE: INTERVIEW QUESTIONS · What is your birth philosophy? · What is your training? Are you certified? If yes, with whom and why? If no, why not?· Are you licensed in the state of _____?· What is your scope of practice? · When would you find it necessary to go outside your scope…

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Say it ain’t so – Another celebrity scheduling a cesarean

December 20, 2007

Wow. Yet another celebrity is signing up for the O.R. (Christina Aguilera)? Say it ain’t so. Surgery over a few hours of work to benefit both mom and her baby?! Vaginal birth IS the norm. Surgery is well SURGERY which can lead to incredible risks and consequences immediately and very long term. Yes there is…

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You can find the money to have the childbirth you desire!

December 20, 2007

I far too often hear women saying “My insurance doesn’t cover the location, provider, type of birth I REALLY want. Well it will be okay anyway, won’t it?.” Or “We just bought XXXXX and cannot afford to pay for care out of pocket.” I wonder what are you willing to do to have the childbirth…

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Random Childbirth Thoughts – Do these sound too familiar?

December 6, 2007

These are quotes made up by a friend and I to cause a pause and thinking to occur. Sadly, they may sound very familiar to public opinion these days. This is meant to be a spoof, but also is a social commentary on how we as a society are giving up on the precious and…

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Cesarean Rate Hits a New High – 31.1%

December 5, 2007

Below is the current ICAN press release ( in response to the CDC report released today regarding 2006 childbirth data ( ). The latest Colorado numbers (2006) are showing a 25.3% cesarean rate an increase of 2.8% since 2005. Though this is clearly lower than the national average, Colorado is still nearly double the reasonable…

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Childbirth Education – Think outside the big box location

November 29, 2007

So let’s chat about childbirth education. Of the reported 30% of expecting parents who attend childbirth classes the majority go to the hospital where the birth is planned instead of seeking out independent options. I want to challenge you to think about how strange that is. Does it make sense that the information presented will…

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Individual fit: Who and where you choose during pregnancy and childbirth matter.

November 25, 2007

Picture this: An expectant mother is preparing for the birth of her baby. She chooses the care provider her friend, co-worker or family member recommended, she is reading the most popular books on pregnancy and birth (she doesn’t know there are any others to choose from – everyone is reading these), she cannot help herself…

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Cesarean Avoidance – Tips For Every Woman

November 21, 2007

Yes you DO want to avoid a cesarean whenever possible. Cesarean is MAJOR surgery. It is not just another way to give birth. Both women and babies are well designed to give birth often never needing intervention of any type. Cesarean can be a life-saving technique and used well for some serious medical conditions, including…

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