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Gloomies, Nut Jobs, and Warm Fuzzies

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

Today has been one of those grey, gloomy days that just seem to sap the life right out of me. There was nothing to make the weather interesting. No rain, no wind, not even occasional breaks in the clouds. I always forget that days like this affect me this way, and I always fail to prepare myself.

It’s a simple thing to overcome the Gloomies on days like this. All it takes for me is to put on some uplifting music. Sometimes I really have to rock myself out of the Gloomies. Or play on the floor with my kids. Or get OUT of the house and do anything to break the monotony.

Yet. I forgot to do any of that today.

To top it off, we got home extra-late last night after a joint baby shower at the church. Levi & I stayed behind to vacuum and set the chairs back up, so our short people didn’t get to bed until almost 10pm. Youch. So, there were four extra-cranky nut jobs running around today. Most excellent.

How did I deal with this? I buried my nose in a book all day long. The Lord of the Rings, to be precise. It made me all weepy when Gandalf fell in Moria. And when Boromir fell near Parth Galen. And when Sam refused to let Frodo leave the Fellowship, and continue the Quest alone. Again.

I’m such a geek.

Anyway, Levi woke up around five or so this afternoon, and once he saw my dejected countenance, declared that we were going OUT. So we did. We went to a place we haven’t been in probably two or three years at least: The Mall.

We never ever go to the Mall anymore. Ever. But, we had a hankering for food court cuisine tonight. It’s amazing how Japanese food and McDonald’s can coexist so peacefully in one building. Loved it. We spent our date night money, but that’s ok. It was worth it to just break out of the Gloomies.  Just getting into the van was all it took for my spirits to start lifting again.

We didn’t buy anything. We didn’t want to. We just enjoyed ambling about, talking and looking and answering endless questions from Turbo.

Needless to say, my emotional tank is full tonight. Thanks to a husband who is really starting to “get” me. We’re settling into a wonderful groove. While we still have a lot to learn, many areas to grow in, and wisdom to gain, tonight was a night I felt like we got a little bit closer to what we’re supposed to be. As individuals and as a unit.

I love my husband so deeply, and while I don’t experience a whole lot of “wam fuzzies” anymore, I have to say that I like the deeper connection that we have now. The warm fuzzies are truly becoming icing on the cake. And our cake is rich and satisfying and indulgent and hearty and comforting.

Don’t get me wrong – our icing is out of this world too! Tastes like homemade to me! 🙂 It’s just spread a little thinner than it used to be. That’s truly ok with me now, though, because I know that there will come a day that it’s thicker than it ever was in the beginning. In fact, we’re mixing it up right now, and it’s going to take a long time and a lot of work to get it just right.

And it will be worth the wait.

Happy Birthday, Levi!

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Wednesday was Levi’s 27th birthday, and we celebrated in a style perfectly suited to him. He’s not a sentimental guy. He doesn’t care about cards, cake or the “Happy Birthday” song. So, I made him his favorite cocoa press cookies and a no-bake cheesecake. And got him a t-shirt.

He’s an easy man to please.

I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but my graham cracker crust didn’t, well, crust. We could have scooped it with a spoon! Oh well…still tastes just as good.

What I forgot to include in the first picture is Levi’s gift from Stewie, Levi’s best friend. They got Levi the Mt. Dew jammie pants, which he greatly appreciated. Especially since we haven’t been able to afford his Dew lately, and he has been contenting himself with el cheap-o orange soda and root beer. The sacrifices he makes are astounding, I know!

The t-shirt is one we saw on Shirt.Woot a long time ago, and I assumed it was sold out. If you’re not familiar with Woot, they sell one item everyday for a great price until they run out. Their shirt page is awesome, and there are new designs everyday. This one was Levi’s all-time favorite so far, though there are tons on Woot that he loves.

For me to find it in the archives with any quantity left at all is awesome! It’s a shirt with items from the video game “Legend of Zelda”. In Levi’s words “Awesome sauce!” For once, I hit on a gift that was exactly what he wanted, and I was able to keep it a surprise. Mostly. The one day he happened to check the mail, the shirt was in the box…so, he knew it was a shirt from Woot, he just didn’t know which one. Dangit! I told him he’s never allowed to check the mail again. Ever.

After gifts, and after dinner, we sang “Happy Birthday” at the kids’ insistance, and cut the cheesecake. The kids, sadly, did not get any. You may think it cruel, but not after you hear why.

Earlier in the day, I had baked his cocoa press cookies, and put them on wire racks to cool. I told the kids they couldn’t have any until after dinner, when we would do daddy’s birthday party.

Take a wild guess at what happened.

Mommy turned her back long enough for Turbo to lead the sneaky charge in swiping about 1/4 of the cookies and shoving their faces full of them. Nice. So, as a consequence, they didn’t get any dessert at all after dinner. Of course, I don’t really blame them…those cookies are crazy good! They are the most chocolatey, yummy, delightful cookies I’ve ever had – and they’re not really all that sweet. Just amazing.

So. That’s all, folks.

I know this post falls rather flat, but I’m feeling very “blah” today. I don’t know why I didn’t bother to write this when I was my bubbly self, but I didn’t. And I don’t feel like re-writing it right now. So here you go.

I hope your day goes better than my writing style today!

Like My New Pad?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Well. Blogger quit on me. Completely. And utterly. The coward is too frightened to even show its face. As well it should be…I’m feeling rather “kung-fu” about the whole mess.

For those who do not follow me on myspace, Levi & I have tried everything we could think of to fix the problem – we even googled the error to see what we could come up with. You name it, we tried it. All to no avail.

So. I am officially divorcing blogger, and trying to get used to my new digs here at wordpress. It’s a very interesting place. In a “I think I’m in way over my head” kind of way. It’s not as user-friendly as blogger, by any stretch of the imagination. But, with patience, I just may be able to learn enough to make this blog look amazing halfway decent.

I’m honestly hoping I can go back to my old familiar stomping ground at Blogger…but for now…I’m here at wordpress.

Paper Brain

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

When I was in high school and college, I functioned really well when I learned how to use a day planner. I abandoned the use of my paper brain after I got married – life just wasn’t that complicated any more. Then I had kids.

I am now feeling a burning need to have my brain at my fingertips again. But, instead of buying some fancy-schmancy overpriced leather-covered paper brain…I am going to make my own. I have lots of ideas – most of them stemming from this post over at Simple Mom. I’m excited to do this project, and can’t wait until I start using my paper brain!

So much of my home organization is scattered – I have the dinner menu on the fridge, my address book in the desk, my appointments on a wall calendar, and the rest in my head. Not a very good system for me. I’m overwhelmed by all that needs doing – especially now that I’ve added homeschooling to my repertoire.

What…was I thinking? 🙂

I am so inadequate for this task of motherhood…let alone teacher! But…like Sara told me earlier today, maybe God wants me to grow and stuff. Yeah. That’s probably it. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I believe Sara is right.

So, I’m growing. And it’s kind of annoying. And grand. All at the same time. And I’m getting a paper brain.

Please tell me I’m not the only one God is forcing to grow…please!

Have Patience, Have Patience…

Friday, September 19th, 2008

I know I promised a real post by now, complete with pictures. Well, apparently I’m a goll-durned liar. Hm. I honestly haven’t done it because I’m not done editing the pictures! I found a cool thing on my editing program called “hue & saturation”. And it’s causing much ado!

So…if you will continue in your patience, you will be well-rewarded!

At least, I think so.

Ok. Well. I’m not sure how to close this little ditty, so I’ll just say…bye.

The Sliver of Death ~OR~ The Obedience of a Little Boy

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

I took Turbo to the doctor’s office, yet again, today. This would be the third time within a 10-day period. Once for the yucky rash, once to test for strep (which started out negative, but turned up positive yesterday) , and once to remove the Sliver of Death from the bottom of his foot.

This Sliver of Death turned up the day before yesterday. Embedded deep within the ball of his right foot. Despite my heartless attempt at removing it with a needle, while he sat bravely in the arms of his daddy, the Sliver remained firmly lodged. So, we decided to slather it in Neosporin and cover it up, hoping his body would push it out on its own.

No such luck.

With a boy who loves being outside as much as Turbo does, that Sliver of Death was bound and determined to cause more pain and trouble than something so small should be allowed to do.

The wound, despite my efforts, swelled and filled with pus. And I mean filled. Turbo would only walk on the heel of his right foot. And he complained about it. This kid is pretty easy-going when it comes to bumps, bruises, and scratches. Once he gets a hug and a kiss anyway.

So, I threw in the towel, and drove him to the doctor’s office (after getting a one-time referral for the civilian urgent care, since Tricare never has same-day appointments available for my kids), where we waited for a full hour-and-a-half to see Dr. Man.

Before we went in, I had tried to explain to Turbo that Dr. Man was going to have to just go for it, and that it would hurt, but not for very long, because Dr. Man could do it so much faster than mommy. Needless to say, Turbo was nervous and afraid, and didn’t want anyone to touch his foot. So, while we waited for Dr. Man to come back into the room with an assistant, I prayed with my son, and that really seemed to calm him immensely.

The very, very kind nurse helped me wrap Turbo’s arms gently but firmly to his body in a sheet, to keep any struggling to a minimum. I then wrapped my arms around him, and put my face close to his, while the nurse held down his leg, and Dr. Man went in for the Sliver of Death with what looked like a pair of needle-nose pliers!!! Not exactly the most gentle instrument of torture he could have chosen. I about choked at the sight of them.

The Sliver was deeper than I thought, and it seemed to take forever for Dr. Man to be done, but it probably took less than 30 seconds to get it out and drain the copious amount of pus. Poor Turbo was so valiant! He cried, of course, but tried very hard to hold still, and didn’t scream once. Not. Once.

What really broke my heart was hearing what he said through his sobs: “Please stop! I don’t like it! It hurts so much! I don’t want you to take it out!” Etc…

My mother-heart shattered into a million pieces that my baby had to go through this pain, but I knew it had to be done. The wound it left is deep, and will probably scar, but it is clean and free of all traces of the Sliver of Death. And, since he’s on antibiotics for strep, I don’t anticipate any problems, even though it’s on the bottom of his foot. A place where dirt abounds.

Turbo got through it so well, that Dr. Man told him that he’s had grown men who were far worse than he was! Turbo thought that was pretty funny. So did I, because my wonderful father-in-law is one such grown man! (You know I love you, Grandad!)

Anyway…the ordeal was over so quickly because Turbo trusted his mommy. He trusted Dr. Man. And I believe – in his own, child-like way – he trusted God. He submitted, obeyed, accepted the pain, and came through it a little stronger and braver than he was before. Even though he knew ahead of time that the doctor was going to hurt him, and he felt afraid, he still trusted in the basic goodness of myself and the doctor. He knew we were going to help him.

The pain the doctor put him through was less than the pain he would have gone through had we allowed the Sliver of Death to fester at length. The doctor had to cause pain in order to cleanse and heal Turbo’s foot.

That reminds me:

“I know, O Lord, that your laws are righteous, and in faithfulness you have afflicted me.”
Psalm 119:75 (NIV)

It’s amazing to me that the last two weeks of “affliction” in our family was allowed because of God’s faithfulness, love, and a desire to heal us. Not from vindictiveness, indifference, or anger. This fundamental Truth really makes those times easier to bear – as long as I remember it in the midst of my affliction!!! Lord, help me!

So…have you been afflicted recently? Look for God’s faithfulness in it – ask Him what it is He needs to teach you. You will be amazed at the answers you receive.

School Today? Probably Not.

Monday, August 25th, 2008

I was hoping to start kindergarten for Turbo today, but I don’t think we’re quite ready. For one thing, I still need to put the routine ideas rattling around in my head onto paper. Just to see if I’m being realistic. For another thing, I need to prepare a little better for the reading and writing portion of his curriculum.

At least Levi & I were able to arrange the office to accomodate Turbo’s cute little red desk, thus creating a little homeschool nook! I can’t wait to go to the store today and buy a map or something else equally schoolish to hang above it!

Basically, this week is going to be the bootcamp of preparation, organization, and lots of prayer!

I’m just so glad that I live in a state where I don’t have to actually report anything to do with school until my son is seven years old. So, I have two years of trial and error to go before I have to tell the state that my son is a genius. (He might be. You never know. *wink wink*)

Well. Now that I’ve rambled in a rather aimless fashion, I will now let you go about your day. With promises of pictures up on the ol’ blog by the end of the week. Hopefully, these will include Bubbers’ 1-year portraits, which is also on my list this week!

I have quite a week ahead of me, don’t I? What’s yours look like?

Good Night, Sleep Tight!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I am in the mood to blog-surf tonight. I love reading up on the lives of my friends, family, and complete strangers! Something so stress-relieving about it. And lazy.

So, as soon as I hit “Publish Post”, I will be breaking out my mop, and dancing about my kitchen in sudsy delight to the rythm of cloth diapers agitating in the washer, as well as the quiet swooshing of my dishwasher.

But first, I’ll have to nurse Bubbers and lay him down to bed ever so peacefully…if I’m lucky tonight, anyway! 🙂

Needless to say, all of us at the Faery Inn are doing much better, healthwise. I am all perky again, and Turbo’s rash has dried up very well. We’ll be going to the Lady’s morning Bible study tomorrow!

*Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!*

So, good night, sleep tight.
Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
If they do, get a shoe.
And beat them ’til they’re black and blue!

Something Funny Happened at the Doctor’s Office Today…

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

…At least, I thought it was funny. Turbo and I visited the doctor today, after I called the nurse advice line about a funny (aka “disgusting”) rash on his face, as well as my sore throat. The rash showed up yesterday morning, my sore throat has been sore (aka “agonizingly swollen and painful”) for 10 days.

This particular nurse, as kind as she was, pulled a “mother hen” on me and chewed me out for not getting a strep culture a week ago. Kindly and gently chewed me out. I was duly chastened.

I felt sure that I didn’t have strep. I just had a cold on crack. You know, aches, pains, nausea, vomiting, you name the symptom…

Well. She was right.

I dutifully went to the urgent care today, along with Turbo. There, they asked me when my last cycle was. It was 21 months ago. (Oh, the joys of breastfeeding!) They didn’t quite believe me, and kept asking me, as if I wouldn’t know whether or not I had bled from *that place* in the past 21 months. Funny.

Anyway, since I haven’t had a cycle in that amount of time, the doctor wanted to do a pregnancy test, so that if my strep test came out positive, she’d be able to prescribe something that wouldn’t harm a baby in utero. Fine by me, since I don’t use chemical birth control, and while we are using preventative measures, they are not guaranteed methods. I acknowledged the possibility of a pregnancy, even though I took a test less than two weeks ago. (This whole “lack of menses” thing has made me a mite nervous.)

So, out she goes with the urine sample.

A few minutes later, she comes back in and smilingly says “Well, it’s positive!”

*cricket cricket*

I respond: “Really???” Pause. “Wow.” Pause. “Okay.”

She left to get my prescriptions written up.

It hit me like a ton of bricks. In a very good/bad way. I called Levi, and told him, asking him not to say anything to anyone until I could really wrap my brain around Baby #5 being really on the way. Then, I fought tears for a few minutes, waiting for the doctor to come back in.

My emotions were all twisted and tangled together. Happiness that God would choose to bless us with one more. A little fear that God would choose to bless us with one more. If that doesn’t make sense to you…it will someday. Mixed emotions doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So, there I was, all kerflummoxed and ruffled and generally confused.

Well, in the midst of all this emotion and turmoil of the soul, Dr. Lady came back in and brightly announced “Well, you’re NOT pregnant, so amoxicillin should do it for the strep.”

I did a double-take…”Whahahaawhat???” I recovered. “What? I thought you meant the pregnancy test came out positive!”

Dr. Lady blushed a bit and apologized profusely – indeed, she had not told me which test was positive. She just announced it right after taking my urine sample out. She felt so badly, but I couldn’t help but laugh in relief. And now you are too, aren’t you? Admit it. You think this is funny.

Soooo, no. We’re not pregnant again.

While I would more than welcome another precious being into my home, it would take me quite awhile to get used to the idea, and a little longer than that to be purely happy about it. No matter what, I would be thankful, knowing the goodness of my great God.

In the meantime, Levi has an appointment September 10th to finish things off. That means that there is still a small cushion of time that a Baby #5 is possible – but not probable.


I needed a good laugh today, and today’s visit to the doctor was more than adequate. Here’s one more light-hearted gem from today:

Dr. Lady to Turbo: So, do you have any other brothers or sisters at home? (I had Bubbers with me too.)

Turbo: Yup. Two sisters. They’re littler than me.

Dr. Lady: Oh…I bet you pick on them a lot huh?

Turbo: No. I’m just mean to them sometimes.

Dr. Lady (laughing): Oh really? Why?

Turbo(shrugging): Oh. Just because.

Yeah. I thought you’d like that one. Although, I have to clarify that Turbo is far more bossy than mean…cuz I can’t just let that slide.

So…did you think I was pregnant? Huh? Didja? Aw come on…I’m sure I had you going…even for a little?


Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

I’ve been enjoying reading Simple Mom for awhile now, for inspiration and encouragement. One of the things that is so important to Levi & I is to keep our home simple. I am forever purging toys (in fact, they’re due for another raid soon), and sending my kids outside to play. Though our backyard has been reduced to dirt, it’s ok. It might as well be a playground for all my kids care!

However, reading this post has brought one more goal to the forefront of my mind. Instilling creativity in my kids. Yes, they color a lot, and do play-doh. But, I do want more for them.

Simple Mom is giving away this book, and has posted an interview with the author. Go read it, and see what I’m talking about!