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Day 12: Words Squeezed In

Friday, February 18th, 2011

A picture of something I love. Well, that was easy.

I found this note on my bedroom door at the end of a very rough day, which capped a very rough week. Can you tell he couldn’t quite fit all the words in, so just squeezed them in where he could?

My heart melted – the cliche works here, folks. It really did. Everything that child put me through this week was worth every minute. Levi and I were both home at the time, so we hunted him down and smothered him with lots of love. He may be crazy and disrespectful at times, but he has a heart of gold.

I found out later that he also wrote little notes for each of his siblings, and posted them at the heads of their beds. They are still there. The kids don’t want to take them down, and I won’t be the one to make them.

How about you? What do you love?


Boys’ Day Out

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

As I mentioned before, Levi received two tickets to a local NBA game from my parents for Christmas, and I couldn’t go with him, because I was teaching that night. So, he decided to take Durin instead. Though Levi and Durin have done many “manly” errands together, this was their first real father-son outing.

They had a pretty good time, though the unsportsmanlike conduct of one of the teams, and the announcer really grated on Levi’s nerves. Even Durin could see it, and he doesn’t fully understand basketball yet. Still, Levi said they both had a good time, and Levi really enjoyed talking to his son on the drive up to the stadium. Durin came home so dead-tired, and went to bed in his clothes. It’s a day he’ll remember forever, I’m sure!

I sent the camera with Levi, and he brought back a few pics:

My guys, looking all alike and stuff. I love these guys.

The view from their seats:

My eldest. He’s really, really growing. And that bugs me a little. His is one of the sweetest faces I’ve ever seen:

Steve Nash warming up. (Apparently, we are Suns fans.)

Durin got a kick out of the mascot when he came into their section:

I love that my husband really enjoys being around his kids. They never seem to be a nuisance to him. He’s always up for a few kids in his lap, even when he’s playing WoW, or a wrestling match, or taking them on an errand with him. He’s such a family man – more than any other man I’ve met. (My father and FIL excepted.) It’s like he lives to be HOME with US.

I love it. I love HIM.

How is your week going? Mine is crazy, but it’s my own fault. Oh well. Looking forward to new starts is always nice.


Smiling Comes Easy Here

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

This month is going to be a hectic one. On the agenda, we have everything from homeschooling starting back up (for which I am only minimally prepared), to Girl Scout cookie sales, to my teaching at the pregnancy center again, with lots in between! I really dislike being a busy person, but with four kids, it’s not possible to avoid busyness. However, it is possible to be busy only with things that really matter.

Things that tug the corners of my mouth upward.

Things like…

…Levi deciding to use the NBA tickets Papa sent to take Durin to a game, instead of me. I cannot go, since I’ll be teaching that night. I could see it on Levi’s face when I suggested he take Durin, that he couldn’t think of anyone else he’d rather go with!

…Levi telling me he’d rather get a refund on the NBA tickets than go without me, before Durin’s name came up. A wife loves to be her husband’s first choice. (Guys – take note – If you want to go fishing, ask your wife to go first, and if she’s willing, leave the guys behind. Not every time of course, but make her feel like she counts as your very best buddy.)

…A little red-headed snippet of a girl laying her head in my lap on the couch, settling down, and informing me that it’s okay for me to tickle her now.

…My pretty little kindergarten girl all buttoned up in her red, hand-me-down pea coat.

…A little long-lashed, brown-eyed, bed-headed boy holding out his unmarked, but sore, finger and telling me he needs a “band-and-aid.”

…Sipping hot coffee and writing while kiddos play just down the hall.

…Crossing things off of my to-do list, even if it’s only a few things out of what feels like a million.

…Seeing any of my kids conquer a new puzzle for the first time.

…Sitting at our school table, learning together.

…Teaching. Any kind of teaching. Whether I’m teaching pregnant pairs or my own children, I love facilitating discussion and learning.

…Bible verses that just reach out and grab me when I’m reading, just at the right moment. Whether I need conviction, encouragement, or to learn some Truth more fully, the Bible never fails to be that “two-edged sword.”

…The smell of dead fir wafting through the house from all the Christmas Tree needles the day we take it down. I’m always reluctant to vacuum, I love the smell so much.

…My friends gathering around me in a network of support, advice, and encouragement, no matter what.

…These same friends’ willingness to gently rebuke me when I’m in the wrong, but can’t see it. Iron sharpening iron, in the best possible way.

…Quotes of all kinds, from all kinds of people. Like little, tangible drops of wisdom in the ocean of history.

…Clear, sunny, snowy days. Well-sprinkled with cups of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

…Babies. I’m a sucker for babies.

…Pregnant bellies waddling through stores. I know I’ve gotten funny looks from people because I can’t help but grin in awe and affection at every pregnant woman I see!

…Getting real mail. Nothing like a scribbled note or Christmas card from a far-off loved one to put a smile on my face.

Smiling really does come easy here. In fact, it really can’t be helped, and I am so glad there are so many things to smile about in my little corner of the world. Sometimes, all it takes to help me perk up on a blah day is a smile at something small.

What about you? What things in your life make you smile?

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