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Colorado Springs has a wonderful birth community, supportive of the full array of options you have

Whether you are pregnant, planning your family, or have already given birth, here are a list Colorado Springs birth resources we trust to offer you excellent care. Make sure you let them know that Preparing for Birth sent you!

Listed alphabetically, by Category

Birth & Family Photography

Birth is normal. Historically, women knew this because they regularly attended one another’s births, learning in community as each birth unfolded. We have lost a lot of this generational wisdom, and birth photography can play a powerful role in building it back up. Consider investing in an amazing photographer to chronicle your story.

Love Is Photography | Brezi Merryman | Birth & Family Photographer

Danica Donnelly |  Birth & Family Photographer


If hydration and nutrition are the WD-40 of pregnancy, then chiropractic care is the duct tape! Routine chiropractic care, especially in the final weeks of pregnancy can set you up for more comfortable and efficient labor and birth. It’s also associated with the reduction of many common pregnancy discomforts for a lot of women, including heartburn, symphysis pubis discomfort, swelling, and others.

Active Chiropractic Wellness Center | Dr. Candice Koch, BS, DC, FIAMA

Caplan Chiropractic 

Dr. Brian C. Helland, DC

Lawrence Chiropractic | Dr. J. Brock Lawrence, DC, MS

True North Chiropractic | Dr. Josh & Dr. Taylor Logan

Wow Family Chiropractic

Community-Based Midwives

Because I believe in women knowing all their available options, I am delighted to share this list of all our local community midwives here in Colorado Springs. I am proud to belong to such a sisterhood. Though our practice styles, philosophies, and approaches all differ, our essential skill sets are the same. You can trust that each midwife listed provides safe, healthy care for each of her clients. (Listed alphabetically by first name.)

Carmen Lackett, CPM, RM | Mother to Mother Midwifery

Christie Sheffer, CPM, RM | Blue Columbine Birth

Dana McLaren CPM, RM, LMT | The Stork Associates Childbirth Services

Demetra Seriki CPM, RM | A Mother’s Choice Midwifery
- Operating an open-access clinic to provide cost-free maternity care to at-risk families.

Emily Thompson, CPM, RM | Organic Homebirth

Glenda Hard, CNM | Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Hannah Simmons, CPM, RM | Birth At Home Midwifery Services

Heidi Hennigan, CPM, RM | Aspen Roots Midwifery

Jennifer Green Decker, CPM, RM | Organic Homebirth

Jessica Nipp, CPM, RM | Holistic Homebirth

Jolene Hamann, CNM | Beginnings Birth Center
- Not currently providing home births, but operating an amazing birth center.

Kim Woodard Osterholzer, CPM, RM, LM | Birth at Home Midwifery Services

Lauren Blease, CNM | Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Megan Munson, CNM | Mountain Miracles Midwifery

Robin Melkus, CPM, RM | Caring Hands Birth

Stephanie Sibert, CPM, RM | Rosebud Birthing Services
- Operating an easy-access prenatal clinic in Limon for at-risk and rural families.

Sharon McDougal, CPM, RM | Beautifully Born

Tara Stephen, CPM, RM | Beautiful Births: 719.330.1851

Tiffany Jorgenson, CNM | Mountain Miracles Midwifery


Doulas provide invaluable support to birthing families. It does not matter whether you are planning a home, hospital, or birth center birth, a doula will be able to fill in the gaps as you go. We highly recommend that you hire a doula especially if you are a first-time mother or a VBAC mom, and at least consider hiring one if you are not.

Ariel Haynes | Blooming Footprints Birth

Heather Durfee

Leah Boains | Hand In Hand Birth Doula

Madison Lopez | My Blessed Birth

Sarah Norris | Nurtured In Joy

Sesch Wren | Birth Beginnings Doula

Pikes Peak Regional Doula Association

Lactation Support

Breastfeeding may be a natural act, but it’s not always easy. In fact, there is almost always a learning curve for each breastfeeding pair. While we can provide a broad range of basic lactation support when everything is going normally, sometimes, we need to refer to a breastfeeding specialist that can go deeper and provide you the information and referrals you need to meet your own breastfeeding goals — whether you desire to do so for two days, two weeks, two months, or two years and beyond!

Wildflower Breastfeeding | Lauren Pilger, IBCLC

Milk Mojo | Ericka Patenaude, BSN, RN, IBCLC, RLC

Pikes Peak Lactation | Mary Enger, RN, BSN, IBCLC

La Leche League of Colorado Springs

Low-Income Pregnancy Support & Women's Health

Not everyone has the privilege of fantastic insurance coverage, family support, reliable income, and other factors that make the pregnancy journey a lot smoother. If you find yourself facing some financial obstacles in your own journey, there are places you can go for help. Reach out and ask.

Peak Midwife Collective

Colorado Springs Pregnancy Center

Dream Centers Women's Clinic

A Mother's Choice Open Access Prenatal Clinic

Mental Health & Counseling

15-20% of women experience anxiety or depression during pregnancy and postpartum. There is help, hope, and healing available to you if you are able to reach out as soon as you feel you are struggling. The sooner it’s brought to light, the better able you will be to access the help you need to heal and grow.

Aspen Pointe Mental Health Services, Counseling Services, and Treatment

Eden's Promise Holistic Emotional Wellness | Jennifer DeBrito, CSP

Mayfield Counseling Center

Mindful Springs Counseling | Specializes in perinatal mental health, including postpartum depression and other struggles.

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