Midwifery Services

& Frequently Asked Questions

Tiffany provides comprehensive homebirth midwifery services to growing families in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, several military bases, and the surrounding areas.


I believe in the midwifery model of care which emphasizes an individualized, holistic approach to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and breastfeeding. 

Where to start:

Your care starts with requesting a free consultation with me via my contact form. At this consultation, you will be given the opportunity to meet one-on-one, ask any questions you have, learn about my training and experience, and get a feel for who I am as an individual.

You may also wish to bring along a loved one, your partner, and/or your other children so everyone can ask their own questions. I will encourage you to share your story and desires for your birth as well, in order to allow me to get to know you a little, and what you might need as a client.

I will then give you a light information packet with a Mandatory Disclosure, Curriculum Vitae, Financial Agreement, and Summary of Services, along with some other information that may be of interest to you and your partner. If you choose to hire me for your home birth, let me know within two weeks or so, and I will schedule your first prenatal visit. For most pregnancies, this appointment is at approximately 12 weeks.

What midwifery care with PFB looks like:

I offer the same standard of care you will find in any other environment, but home birth midwifery looks very different. Not only will I check on you and your baby’s physical health, but I also check in with your mental and emotional health. I will spend a large portion of your appointments just visiting with you, getting a feel for how you and your family are really doing, and offering help and input for your unique situation.

Offering holistic suggestions for anything that concerns you, from mild heartburn to stress management, is another priority. While I am not a therapist, I deeply value building a healthy relationship of trust with you and your family, which increases safety for you and your baby in home birth care.

Prenatal Visits:

Each in-office visit is approximately one hour. I perform all physical assessments for you and your baby and answer any questions or concerns you have. Be sure to keep a notebook with you to write down questions you have! I will also visit your home at around 36 – 37 weeks to make sure you, your family, and your living space are ready for your home birth.

Labor, Childbirth and Immediate Postpartum:

I and my team of two assistants will usually arrive in response to your call or text sometime during active labor, depending on the situation. I stay with you until both you and baby are stable — around two hours 

or a little longer after birth. My team and I are there primarily to provide safety, but also to offer support, guidance, and encouragement.

After birth, the baby is placed skin-to-skin with you, and all clinical care is done in your arms or next to you on the bed. If you need help, we will assist you in initiating breastfeeding.

My team will clean everything up, make sure you eat, and tuck you and your family into bed before heading home.

Postpartum Visits:

There are four to six visits in the six weeks following delivery. I perform a variety of normal clinical checks for both mom and baby at each appointment. The first two occur in your home, with the remaining visits at my office. At these visits, I will again make sure that you and your baby are healthy in every way.

I would love to care for you and your family, and look forward to chatting with you soon regarding home birth midwifery services!

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Frequently Asked Questions


What if something goes wrong?

I am not a “home birth at any cost” kind of midwife. Not every person ought to have their baby at home, and it is part of my job to help recognize when obstetrical care and hospital birth is in the best interest of both you and your baby. The vast majority of the time, birth works very well without any help from me! When it doesn’t, I carry anti-hemorrhagic drugs and neonatal resuscitation equipment and am fully trained and certified to use both to stabilize you and your baby, minimizing the need to transfer.

Also, there are often red flags that crop up well before a situation becomes a true emergency. As a skilled midwife with a strong connection to my clients, I can often spot these flags early. If this is the case, I will assist you in a timely, peaceful transfer of care during pregnancy, or a transport during labor where you and your baby can be cared for appropriately and hopefully avoid a true emergency.


How much do midwifery services cost, and how much will my insurance cover?

Homebirth midwifery care is a complete package under a global fee of $4,000, though there are discounts available, and various insurance options. I currently do not take insurance of any kind, offering a cash-pay sliding scale instead, and if needed, an itemized and coded receipt for you to submit your own claim. Click here for more details.


Do you take Medicaid or Tricare?

Not at this time, as neither will pay a CPM. However, Medicaid and Tricare usually cover your labs and may cover a diagnostic ultrasound. Please let me know if you are on Medicaid or Tricare so I can help you with this.


Do you support water birth?

Home birth midwifery services absolutely include water birth! I offer a La Bassine birth pool rental to every client, at no additional cost. It includes the pool, tarp, liner, air pump, and hose adapter for your showerhead. There is no obligation for you to use a birth pool, but it’s a very popular option!


Can I have a home birth if I had a previous Cesarean?

Yes, you can have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) at home with certain restrictions. Colorado regulations require that you have 18 months between your cesarean and the due date of your current pregnancy, and be within 30 minutes of a hospital with maternity services. If you have had more than one cesarean, there needs to be an intervening vaginal delivery in addition to the previous requirements. Preparing for Birth currently has a 100% VBAC success rate!


Can you provide midwifery services for twin pregnancies?

Colorado regulations do not allow CPM’s to care for twins. When multiples are discovered, I will help you transfer care to an OB for hospital delivery.


Can I get an ultrasound?

Yes. I refer clients to Colorado Springs Imaging for affordable diagnostic early dating and/or 20-week anatomy scans. Your insurance may cover these scans. Clients in Castle Rock are referred to Genassist Ultrasound.


Do you run any lab tests?

Yes. I offer all the standard lab tests including basic blood work at 12 & 28 weeks, urinalysis, gestational diabetes, GBS testing, and any other testing relevant to your situation. They can all be done in my office as well, so you don’t have to go to a separate lab (except on the rare occasion I am not able to stick you in two tries).

The only labs I require in my practice are the basic blood and urine workups at 12 & 28 weeks, all others are completely up to you! Labs are not included in the global fee, but insurance often covers labs without any issue. If not, they are relatively inexpensive.


Do you perform routine vaginal exams?

No. They are rarely needed, and midwives are experts in assessing you without invasive procedures like vaginal exams. I will offer a vaginal exam only if I believe the results would change how we move forward, or upon your request. You always have the right to refuse any procedure, including vaginal exams, for any reason, and I will respect your decision.


How do we get a birth certificate?

I will provide a birth certificate worksheet for you to fill out, which you must return to me by the time your baby is 10 days old. I will then file the birth certificate information with the state. Then you will be able to obtain a copy online or at the Health Department within a couple of weeks. If you choose to get a Social Security card for your baby, it will be automatically mailed to you after the birth certificate is filed.


How late in pregnancy do you take new clients?

Ideally, I wouldn’t take clients after 32 weeks, due to the need to build a relationship with you. There are some exceptions, though. I can often take later clients if you have already had regular prenatal care, you are low-risk (per CO regulations), and we can go over complete records together. This is really a case-by-case situation, and I am happy to talk to you about your options. If I am not able to serve you, I will gladly provide appropriate referrals.

Got more questions?

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For more information on regulations governing direct-entry midwifery in Colorado, visit DORA