Frequently Asked Questions


Do you support water birth?

Absolutely. We offer a La Bassine birth pool or similar to every client, included in the total global fee.


Do you take VBAC clients?

Yes. For those with one prior cesarean with a minimum of 18 months between date of cesarean to current due date, and within 30 minutes of nearest hospital with maternity services. If you have had multiple cesareans, there needs to be an intervening vaginal hospital delivery in addition to the above requirements. 


Can you take twin pregnancies?

No. When multiples are discovered, we will help you transfer care to an OB for hospital delivery.


Do I have access to ultrasound?

Yes. There are local imaging locations we refer clients to for affordable diagnostic scans.


Do you draw labs in the office?

Yes. We can almost always successfully stick you on the first or second try. On rare occasions, we will send you to the appropriate lab.


Do you allow my children/others to come to appointments?

Yes. The office is family friendly. We actually encourage you to bring your children, and anyone else you want, so they can be participants in the care offered to you and your baby. We love our tiny midwife helpers!


Can myself or my partner catch the baby?

Yes. We love it when parents take charge and catch while we hover close and watch. In fact, we encourage this!


What if the baby needs some help after birth? 

Our team members are all required to be neonatal resuscitation certified and carry the appropriate equipment.


Do you perform routine vaginal exams?

No. They are rarely needed, and we are experts in assessing you without invasive procedures like vaginal exams. We will offer a vaginal exam only if we believe the results would change how we move forward, or upon client request. You always have the right to refuse any procedure, including vaginal exams, for any reason, and we will respect your decision.


Do you take Medicaid or Tricare?

Not at this time, as it is cost-prohibitive for us to do so. However, Medicaid always covers your labs, and may cover a diagnostic ultrasound. Please let us know if you are on Medicaid, so we can help you with this.


Do you do the newborn screen (PKU)?

Yes. We administer the first test on day one after birth in your home, and we give the second at your 7-10 day visit in our office.


How late in pregnancy do you take new clients?

It really depends on the situation. Ideally, we wouldn’t take clients after 32 weeks, due to the need to build a relationship with our clients, but there are rare exceptions. We can often take later clients if you have already had regular prenatal care, you are low-risk (per CO regulations), and we can go over complete records. We reserve the right to refuse care for any reason and will offer to provide referrals if necessary.


How much does it cost, and how much will my insurance cover?

Home birth midwifery care is a complete package under a global fee of $4,000, though there are discounts available, and various insurance options. Click here for more details.


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For more information on regulations governing direct-entry midwifery in Colorado, visit DORA