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Harriette Hartigan

Late Transfer Policy

Normally, in a home birth model, a midwife would prefer not to take clients after about 28 weeks. The reason for this is that it shortens the amount of time to build the trust that is so necessary to a safe and healthy home birth. However, we don't like to turn anyone away without good reason!

Whether you are simply new in town, new to home birth, or your circumstances have lead you to find alternatives to the hospital, we are happy to chat with you. We believe it's almost never too late to transfer, and that everyone deserves to have the conversation.

To qualify for a late transfer, you must be:

  • Eligible for home birth per Colorado regulations (see pg. 2, section 1.4).
  • Pregnant with a single baby.
  • If you are 34 weeks or later, the baby must also be head down.
  • Able to provide complete records of prenatal care, including basic lab work.
  • Willing to assume shared responsibility for your care.
  • Strongly motivated to educate yourself and participate fully in all care decisions.
  • Strongly motivated and prepared to have an unmedicated birth in the safety and comfort of your own home.

28 weeks to 31 weeks, 6 days:

If you meet the above criteria and transfer between 28 weeks and 31 weeks, 6 days, a non-refundable Retainer Fee of $1,000 is due at the time of hiring, and monthly/weekly payments are calculated to ensure payment in full by 36 weeks.

32 weeks or later:

If you meet the above criteria, and are 32 weeks or later, a non-refundable Retainer Fee equal to 75% of your total fee is due at time of hiring, and monthly/weekly payments are calculated to ensure payment in full by 36 weeks.

Why isn’t there a discount for late transfer if I am getting less care?

The bulk of my fee covers the cost, risk, and liability for your birth and immediate postpartum.
Prenatal, postpartum, and newborn care are included at an already greatly reduced cost in a global fee model. In addition, if we were to itemize your cost per encounter (appointments, the birth), it would add up to a higher amount.

No matter how healthy you are, the overall risks of home birth do not change,
and may even increase with late transfers.
Part of what makes home birth safe is a strong relationship of trust built up over time with our clients.
This may be harder to establish during a shorter relationship, and you are slightly more likely to require hospital transport.

It is unfair to current clients who have already put in the time and money to prepare for a home birth.
We owe it to each one of our clients to be there for their due date and call window, and giving a discount for late transfers can devalue that.

Midwives need to make a living wage.
Our cost to care for you is the same, regardless of when you come to care. It's important that we have something to bring home to our families, who already sacrifice so much for us to do this work.


If finances are a concern, and you are highly motivated to have your baby at home, please don't let that stop you! I am also a part of the Peak Midwife Collective, where we created a model of care to help families like yours plan a home birth at a lower financial cost. We would be honored to help you make your dream birth possible.

When in doubt, call me anyway!

If the above arrangements aren’t accessible to you, and you have an alternative plan in mind, I am all ears. If I can help you, I will. If I cannot, I will refer you to someone who can. There are lots of options in Colorado Springs, and one of them is bound to be right for you and your family! Thank you for understanding.

We're here to help you navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum!

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum can be overwhelming at times. We are here to provide direction, clarity, and a safe route for you to get through it all with dignity, autonomy, and compassionate care.

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