Birth matters. It brings us into being, on many levels.

Ananda Lowe

Doula Services in Colorado Springs

Tanya provides compassionate labor doula support to families living in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and the surrounding areas. Her focus is home birth, but she has open dates for hospital and birth center clients as well.

I was drawn to birth many years ago, through the births of my own children, as well as some I attended. My heart for this work is tender, and I bring a sense of peace with me to the birth space. I believe in unconditional, honest, individualized doula support. As a student midwife in NARM’s PEP process, I value the weight of current evidence and work to help my clients apply it to their unique situation.

What is a doula?

As you have probably read elsewhere on the web, the word “doula” has its roots in Greek, and means “female servant.” Labor (or Birth) doulas are professionals who have been trained, and possibly certified, to attend birthing women. They offer informational, emotional, and physical support during pregnancy, labor, birth, and the initial postpartum period.


Where to start:

Begin by requesting a free consultation with me via our contact form. We will schedule a convenient date and time to meet face-to-face for you to ask any questions, learn a bit more about my services, and get to know me. I will also ask you about your own birth stories, as well as any hopes, desires, and plans you have for your current pregnancy and birth.

Feel free to bring any other children, your partner, and anyone else you think may be of benefit to you during this meeting. I will provide a packet to you with some additional information about my training and experience, payment options, and a few interesting handouts.

If you choose to hire me, let me know within two weeks of the consultation, and I will schedule your first prenatal visit. For most pregnancies, this visit takes place around 28 weeks, but can vary widely.

What does doula care include?

I offer a minimum of two prenatal visits, one at my office and one in your home. I will also be on-call for your labor, birth, and up to two hours postpartum. After your birth, I will visit you twice before six weeks.

Prenatal visits as your doula:

These two visits usually last approximately an hour, and we use the time primarily to get to know one another. We will discuss everything from your birth plan to helping siblings adjust to what labor is really like and more.

I will offer tips, suggestions, handouts, resources, and a listening ear for everything that matters to you. I can even provide referrals to trusted local providers for nearly every need that may come up. I can also help you decide when you need to call your provider for needs that cannot be met without their guidance (suspected UTI, for example).

I cannot diagnose, treat, or give any medical advice, but I have a keen sense of what is normal, and will not hesitate to point you to your provider when needed!


Doula care through your Labor, Birth, and Immediate Postpartum:

Evidence tells us that a doula’s benefits increase the earlier she is there in labor!


So, I will come as soon as you call me, and stay until at least one hour after birth, depending on your needs and what is happening. I bring a few tools with me to help you, as well as my hands, my heart, and my knowledge of normal labor. I focus on facilitating your partner’s involvement, freeing him or her to support you in whatever way is most natural for you both.

If you have to make decisions that may differ from your original expectations, I will offer informational support and hold space for you to be able to make those decisions without pressure from outside. I will not give medical advice, but I am happy to present current evidence, and remind you of good questions to ask that may help you make the best choice for you and your baby in your circumstances.

In the first hour postpartum, I am there to help feed you, assist with baby’s first latch, and make sure you and your partner have everything you need before you are tucked in to rest.

Postpartum visits as your doula:

Often, care providers do not see their patients before their six-week appointment, unless you are having a home birth. This leaves a major gap in care, and I am there to help bridge that gap with information, support, and referrals. Usually, I will visit you within a couple of days after birth, and around two weeks postpartum.

I will also help you process your birth journey, plan for self-care, arrange postpartum support from friends and family, and navigate all those newborn questions that come up.

I would love to care for you and your family, and can’t wait to meet you and your growing family!


What does doula support cost?

Cost: $700

10% discount available for military, full-time ministry, or repeat clients. Discounts do not stack.

Doula support includes:

  • Up-to-date information that encourages informed decision making and open communication.
  • Resources and/or referrals in pregnancy through early postpartum.
  • Unbiased, respectful support for the expectant woman and her partner/family.
  • Birth Plan assistance and writing support
  • Focus on the comfort of mom and partner throughout labor and childbirth.
  • Help with creating a confident, positive and secure environment in which to labor and birth.
  • Assistance with breastfeeding and family bonding.
  • Support at home, hospital or birth center.
  • Staff mentoring by an experienced doula and/or midwife.
  • 2 prenatal visits, 2 postpartum visits along with lending library access.

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