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Insurance & Fees

Home birth midwifery care for pregnancy, labor, birth, newborn, and postpartum care are offered as a package under a single global fee of $4,000. Many insurances with maternity care coverage may partially cover your fees, or apply the fee to your family’s annual deductible. Check with your insurance to see what your coverage is, and/or file a Verification of Benefits with your insurance at the beginning of your care to clarify your options.

While we partner in the care and births of our clients, Desirre and Tiffany operate our finances separately (scroll down). Make sure you check with each of us to clarify any questions you may have. We both accept cash, check, HSA/FSA accounts and major credit cards. Discounts available for active duty military or full-time ministry.

What’s Included in the Global Fee:
24-hour availability of your midwife
Lending library access
Prenatal, birth, newborn, and postpartum care as listed in our Summary of Services (given at consultation)
On-call availability for your birth from 37 weeks until your baby is born
Necessary birth equipment, medications, and medical supplies
Birth pool kit rental (if desired – includes pool, liner, tarp, air pump, and hose adapter)
Postpartum basics kit (Depends, OB pads, peri bottle, goldenseal for cord care, pretty birth certificate for footprints)
Birth certificate processing
Assistant fees

What’s Not Included:
Lab work (both routine and non-routine)
Newborn procedures
Referred services
Consultations with other providers
Hospital transport
General birth supplies (complete list provided at 28 weeks)

Desirre Andrews CPM, RM
Fee: $3200 self-pay fee, due at 36 weeks. ($4000 is the full global fee). Flexible payment plans are available for self-pay clients.

Private insurance, Medical Sharing Plans (Medishare, Samaritan Ministries) may be billed after the birth through her contracted billing company after a Verification of Benefits is run during the pregnancy.

Tiffany Miller CPM, RM
I do not take insurance at this time. Instead, I offer a sliding scale cash pay discount based on household income (see below). I am able to provide a coded receipt for any and all services rendered, and you may submit a claim to your insurance or sharing ministry plan for potential reimbursement. 10% discount offered to active duty military or full-time ministry.

Annual Income Total Global Fee Discounted Cash Pay Fee (by 36 weeks)
$29,000 and below $4,000 $2,500

$30,000 – $39,999 $4,000 $2,740

$40,000 -$49,999 $4,000 $2,970

$50,000 and above $4,000 $3,200

Contact Us to set up a free consultation, where you can get all of your financial questions answered completely, and receive a detailed copy of our financial agreement.